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First sim build... what's the best screen?

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  • First sim build... what's the best screen?


    I am about to start building a golf sim in my house. I've followed this forum for a while and read a lot of helpful stuff.... Thank you! I think I have the launch monitor figured out (Foresight) and now would like to get a screen ordered. im looking for suggestions on what would be the best HD screen available?

    I do have a few hurdles with my room, but should be able to get something custom made. I am attaching pictures and dimensions of my room. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Perhaps get in on this.


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      Thanks Bubba. Appreciate the help. Not sure the raw material will work. I was thinking about some place I can send my drawing and have it custom made with side curtains, net backing if needed and ceiling protection. I think foresight can do this, but I'm not sure they have the best screen for HD images.


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        Have someone Boat (canvas, awning repair places that have an industrial swing machine), this is an easy job for them) sew 2" velcro along both sides and the top,also 6" straps every 12", then Blackout curtain one continuous piece that goes up one side , along the top and down the other side, you really only need the side curtain to be 2-3 ft, top the same. email me for Pics, ....going to be tight in that room
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          Thanks Boo. Getting it made will be no problem in the future. Just wanted to make sure it's done right the first time. . Then I can use it as a temple when I need to replace it. Also hoping whoever makes it will give me guidance on the frame. Figured I could make a wood frame for screen.

          Yea... not the idea room but I can swing driver no problem. Will need to hit off center. Planning on adding cameras head on and rear to work on swing. I actually have a better room available... but my son claimed it 😖. Plus, it's on the 3rd floor.

          Is is there a better screeen than the one that foresight sells? Or is it one of the better screens? Not sure if theirs is the same one as the group buy.

          Thanks again,


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            Very interesting as i have almost the same shape and size room. see

            Will you be projeting a full image and just sacrifice the corners? I will use U shaped 3mm profiles that i will mount to the ceiling and side walls. And then use bungies to attach a screen. My plan is to first use a archery netting with grommets.


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              Hey Snaphook,

              I was thinking about projecting a 4:3 image in the center then black out the rest. I figure I could just about fit a 10' wide image with very little in the corner ceiling. I think it's OK to hit off-center then just watch the ball flight from the middle or where ever it starts. Foresight will not care where ball strikes the screen. ( I wonder if you can move things around on Foresight's software to get info out of the corners??)

              I plan on installing pretty much the same way. I like the black curtains that go on the sides with Velcro on the end... I first want to figure out whats the best screen to use than get whatever company that sells it to help design it. Foresight's material looks pretty nice, but I'm just a little concerned about how the high def image will look on it. I was hoping someone would suggest what material looks the best (HD image-wise), is durable and quiet. Hope to find out if there is an absolute best screen... like Titleist PV1 is absolutely the best ball!