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CCE Indentations

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  • CCE Indentations

    Has anybody gotten indentations (or severely depressed areas) on their CCE mat from repeatedly hitting around same area of irons? Have attached a picture (though not sure can see very clearly from the angle) of the indentations.

    Anyone got any idea how to fix (i.e., to make the fiber on the mat less compressed, back to same height as other areas of the mat and more fluffy like when new)? Thanks.

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    ***FOLLOWING*** I have the same issue with my MatZilla Optishot setup. Odd thing is that when I just hit balls (not on Optishot) in the middle of the mat (which have been at least double the amount of swings in comparison to Optishot address) there arent any indentations.


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      Rotate the mat. If you hit off any mat at the same place for a long time you get the same result.


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        Insert or full cce? Launch monitor or other sensor? If insert! Change it. If full and LM use a different spot on the mat. I've seen them really wear out on inserts or sensor systems like AboutGolf


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          20" x 36" CCE hitting mat (not insert). I do try to hit off different spots already hence the indentations in the various locations across the mat. Have had the mat for ~10 months only so was wondering do CCE mats degrade so quickly and might need replacement every year or so?


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            Yes my CCE 4' x 5' mat has the same spots. I have had it for 1 year, I am guessing I have another year of use left in it before there are no more clean spots to hit from.


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              Fiberbuilt is an option. Will last years

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                I do notice it happens with mine also. Besides rotating it every so often, and this will maybe sound weird, I use a fine bristle dog brush to brush the mat off. Works for me as far as cleaning up the surface.


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                  Mine is a lot bigger, 10x5, so I move around a lot but I can get it a little too.