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GC2 GSX & ProTee Inteface Setup for TGC and ProTee 2.0

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    Where do I look up the firmware version?
    My comment on distances: at the FSX driving range I would hit 220-230 with driver (not so young anymore) , but as I play in TGC it seems that 200 is nominal. What I need to do is get the ball speeds and spins to get an apples to apples comparison.... Soon maybe. When I get the time now I just want to play!


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      One other question... I was surprised that the hitting zone for my GC2T is so far away from the unit. I was expecting s foot, but I'm almost two feet, and about a 6"x6" box. When talking to foresight initially he seemed surprised also, but not concerned as long as it worked. It works but is awkward looking and I have to keep my ammo further away from the mat so the camera wouldn't pick them up


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        The firmware on the GC2 effects carry. I find 3.7 is short. 3.10 and 3.5 seems dead on. I don't know how to check but just load the firmware app and load it up. You can adjust carry in GSX settings.


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          Is there a specific version of TGC that is needed to work with a GC2? I noticed on Swingsense that they specifically say "This software is NOT compatible with Foresight GC2". Also, Skytrak is having a $99 rebate on TGC for forum members, but it said on that thread that version won't work with GC2 either.


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            To use a GC2 with TGC you need an interface called GSX. It comes with TGC.


            • andygg1986
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              Do you know if GSX comes with all versions of TGC? I haven't actually found a seller who says it will work with GC2, and I imagine it would be hard to get a refund if it doesn't work when they say it isn't compatible. I know it can work because other people are using it, I just don't want to buy the wrong thing.

            • mthunt
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              I believe that for legal reasons it unpromoted. When you buy TGC from swingsense, it comes with GSX. I'm not sure about from Skytrak.