TGC Tour - Congratulations!

Congrats to @strider33 winning the TGC 2016/2017 Winter Tour - Tournament of Champions!

Join this weeks TGC 2016/2017 Winter Tour - Sony Open Hawaii with 2 rounds at The Baltasar, Spingfiled NJ, Baltasar Tees 6652yds :
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    GCQuad features and capabilities
    15. Brews a cup of coffee


    • mthunt
      mthunt commented
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      18 x 1.33 = 24k north of the border. Like they say on the shark tank, "I'm out"

    • col forbin
      col forbin commented
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      It kinda does look like a Kuerig..........only with 4 pricey cameras where the water would be. Display on top is similar too.

    • Point280
      Point280 commented
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      I was thinking it could open the cans of stored food I've prepped for the apocalypse... Hmmmmmmmm... might be a worthwhile upgrade after all!

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    And the draw dropping details....

    "We are presently oversold on GCQ, so we are requesting a 25% deposit for the difference between your return value and the new GCQ if you wish to purchase. We would then ship your GCQ as soon as it is available in early spring after the remaining balance has been received.

    Upgrade Cost for GCQ Ball Only (includes FSX software): $9,550
    Current Deposit Needed to Reserve Technology: $2,387.50


    Upgrade Cost for GCQ Ball and Head Data (includes FSX software): $13,550
    Current Deposit Needed to Reserve Technology: $3,387.50

    Note: The credit amount for your GC2/FR1 trade in is $4,450

    Additionally, I show you own 14 FR1 courses, we will extend the same amount of FSX courses at NC. GCQ requires FSX software.

    I'm sure you can do the maths.....🤑🤑🤑😳😩

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    • wbond
      wbond commented
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      14K Ball, 18K Ball/Club. Man that is a lot of dough. I won't ever win enough (or any) out on tour to cover that.

    • Ryan5508
      Ryan5508 commented
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      You would think the technology would be getting cheaper for them. Really besides the form factor and updated motherboards it's probably just a basic camera upgrade in the end. I think they see trackman and want to make that kind of money.

    • Joko
      Joko commented
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      ^^^^ yeah it's unfortunate they don't attempt to sell a product that is more cost effective, but I get it, that isn't probably who they want to sell to

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    looks like the coffee maker there on the green


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      a few pics from his email also