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Congrats to @Keither5150 winning the TGC 2016/2017 Winter Tour - Sony Open in Hawaii!

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TGC/Protee - GSX Settings and Bluetooth adapter

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  • Originally posted by col forbin View Post
    Thank you! I wish I was a one handicap!
    The one handicaps all wish they were plus 4.. it never ends!!!!


    • GSX is there. Follow instructions posted here to the exact point. It works great.


      • No... I used the same install of TGC. If you already have the TGC license, just send ProTee your machine ID and ask for the ProTee interface license, and a new TGC license for GSX. They'll take care of you.


        • Tips for getting your initial GSX connection. I think mthunt had mentioned it before in this thread somewhere but I wanted to confirm my experience as I think it will help others.

          These tips are for AFTER you have had it working previously but the next time the input is disconnected.

          1) If your GC2 has been working over bluetooth, do not change any setting if the input is disconnected.
          2) Uncheck the "on" button in GSX
          3) Hit a ball so your results are outputted on your GC2.
          4) Turn the slider back to on in GSX.
          5) If it doesn't connect, repeat steps 2-4

          Really, you don't want to mess with the settings if you have previously had a successful connection. Try those steps and it has worked every time for me since. The most I have had to repeat steps 2-4 is twice.