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I'm NEW here. Hello all!

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  • I'm NEW here. Hello all!

    Hello all, I'm known as PZ. I'm am an avid golfer, maybe to dedicated to it if you ask my girlfriend. But, I live in Wisconsin, and in the winter I'm limited to when or where I can play. I am a 4.4 now, but need to get to a 2 or better ( personal reasons, but willing to share if need be). So I am building my own sim. I have a big barn that I use as my current workshop. I have the space to build a room 12' wide, 19' deep, with an 11' high ceiling inside. The room will be proper with all 2x4 studs, 1/2" OSB floor,1/2" drywall except for the impact area will also be OSB. R-11 insulation in floor, walls, and ceiling. The entire inside will be black or dark blue berbur carpet, and heated. Throw in a couch, table mini fridge and some chairs.

    Now this is where I need the help or advice. I was originaly going to use the SkyTrack with TruGolf E6 1.6, but then I'm lost as what to use for a computer. I have a brand new Dell sitting in a box, but I don't know if it is up to speed with the requirments of the E6. Then I would need a projector... Lost there too.

    OR!!!, do I just build the room as I have planed, and purchase the Vist 8 with the E6 1.6 and be done? I know that if I get the Vista 8, it "should" all work with no problems, and its complete. Other wise I'm piecing it together and don't know if it will all work smoothly. I think if I piece it together I could do it all in for about $7K, or do I just spend the $12K and not have the headache? Does anyone have the Vista8? Does anyone know if there is any lag from impact to what shows up on the screen? Should I build the over head light into the room's ceiling or use what would come in the Vista8? HELP!

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    Can you Post your Computer Specs or Model #. With those room dimensions I assume it will be a righ or left hand only setup?

    Have you looked at a used Protee System from the Forums? 8 would recommend that, because you can get one for about the same price as Skytrak.

    I think you would be happier with TGC vs E6 Software as well. I am still putting together my Protee Build. I got a used system here as well. Also for turf/mat do you have a Synlawn local? You can save tons of money that way as well. Hope this helps, I am sure others will chime in as well.


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      Thanks for the input, but why a different set up? Just curious, i would like the info on different ways to do it,. Yup righties only. I dont know the specs of the computer, its in a box buried. A used system could be a way to go too, just worried about having the problems someone eles was having, and thats why they solf it. As far as the E6, i play on a full swing and thats what im used to.


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        Skytrak with TGC and never look back.


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          Welcome to Wisconsin, were about are you in this cold state? If you know were Lamartine is, we just built a sim in that town. New to the whole sim things, so I'm not much of a help yet.
          Stay warm my friend K-