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Getting a garage heater

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  • Getting a garage heater

    I have a garage setup that gets quite cold. I could see my breath many days even with the propane heaters I've been using. Playing KPC beta last week didn't seem as real at 30 degrees. I loved the course though. Anyway, I am getting a 240v overhead garage heater installed Friday. Very excited!

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    Is it a IR panel heater ? If yes, i got 2 of them in my room and they work great .


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      Which heater are you going with?


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        It's this one.


        • SirNeedaSim
          SirNeedaSim commented
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          Sounds like something I need to look into as well. However, the didn't work for me. What's the brand, model and cost?

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        Sorry about the link not working. It's a king kb2406. Installed with materials and labor about 800


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          I bought this one to heat my 32x32 garage. Works great - temp goes from 30 to 60 in about an hour.


          • mthunt
            mthunt commented
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            Please tell me you have a CO2 sensor in your garage.

          • Bnorman58
            Bnorman58 commented
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            One of the reasons I am moving from my propane heaters.

          • sunnfunn
            sunnfunn commented
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            I do. And I always open one of the garage doors 6-8 inches and one of the windows the same. It all works great. I may be changing to gas heat in the house though so I might move the oil furnace to the garage.