TGC Tour - Congratulations!

Congrats to @strider33 winning the TGC 2016/2017 Winter Tour - Tournament of Champions!

Join this weeks TGC 2016/2017 Winter Tour - Sony Open Hawaii with 2 rounds at The Baltasar, Spingfiled NJ, Baltasar Tees 6652yds :
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    To offer an online league format that facilitates all that we enjoy about playing the Sport of Golf. To make Tournament settings on each round that compare to PGA standards.

    Golf is a sport of honesty, all players are expected not to treat this like a game but treat it as if you were actually participating in live Events. Please do not cheat or manipulate the Game to give yourself and advantage. We encourage play with other online players but one can play by themselves or with a ghost ball. Scores get automatically added via TGC API so no need to enter scores. Mulligans are allowed only if there is a miss read or hardware/game error. Multiple simulator platforms will be in play.

    TGC Tour welcome to all TGC players. No need to sign up, just play in the posted events. Tour Schedule is found in the online play section

    We suggest playing Q School so you can establish a handicap.
    If you don't have a handicap then you will be placed at 0 until a handicap is established.
    Tour events results can be found here and on the individual tournament threads on this forum.

    How to Play
    The TGC tour allows tournament play by yourself, online with others using TeamSpeak or playing with Ghost players. We understand that some online players may have time restrictions so we suggest you play with the method that suits you best.

    Tour Account
    Before playing a tour you must create a tour account on . We strongly suggest to keep your tour account name, screen name and forum name the same.

    Mulligans are permitted for shots that are a misread or phantom shots depending on the hardware. Please be honest to yourself and the rest of the Tour members when taking a mulligan.

    Helpful Info
    TGC manual

    TGC Online play and Adding Friends

    Tour events results can be found here

    TGC Tour Committee
    The TGC tour committee is championed by co commissioners mthunt and keither5150 and the various committee members. The committee is responsible for league play including course selection, Ryder Cup play, player representation as well as any conflict resolution.

    Welcome To TGC Tour and Have Fun!
    TGC tours:

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    Great to know, thanks for the info.......several things in here I did not know.


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      OP updated with new links to tour Q-School and tour site.
      TGC tours:


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        are the green speeds and firmness a standard setting or are they up to the player? I just noticed them on the interface.


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          Originally posted by DougieMn View Post
          are the green speeds and firmness a standard setting or are they up to the player? I just noticed them on the interface.
          Up to the player


          • gerem1
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            Should the green speed and firmness not be locked for the tour to make it equal for everyone?? Would be nice to see them change from week to week to make it more like the tour. Just a thought.

          • mthunt
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            Not possible with this software.

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          Is there an issue with the website? I'm trying to create an account and I get directed back to golfsimulatorforum when I hit the Join the Tour or Join the Tour Today buttons... Thanks!!!!


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            If you are registered here, you don't have to register there...... There is for players who are not registered it directs you to here. Only one registration is needed.