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Congrats to @docsmilez winning the TGC 2016/2017 Winter Tour - Genesis Open!

Join this weeks TGC 2016/2017 Winter Tour - The Honda Classic with 2 rounds at the PGA National Honda Classic Sat. :
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Laptop Specs for Protee 2.0 and other questions.

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  • Laptop Specs for Protee 2.0 and other questions.


    I have a laptop with the current specs that I would like to be able to run Protee 2.0 1920x1080 on. It will be a while before I can upgrade to TGC after spending money on my build. I have a more powerful Desktop PC that I have tested it on, but wondering if i can get away with using my laptop before I ask Protee to change the license. Also does anybody know how long Protee 2.0 will still have support for? Thanks for the help.

    Also can all courses be played offline?

    Windows 10 Pro
    Intel i-7-2670QM 2.20GHZ
    8GB Ram
    Nvidia GeForce GT540M 2GB


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