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Visual Sports Partners With World-Renowned Golf Instructor Rick Smith


  • Visual Sports Partners With World-Renowned Golf Instructor Rick Smith

    Toronto, ON (PRWEB) July 29, 2015

    Get ready to see the world of golf simulators drive training and play to the next level! Visual Sports (, a high-tech golf simulator company based in Toronto, Canada, announced that they are entering a multi-year partnership with world renowned golf instructor Rick Smith ( that will combine their technology with his exceptional skills as a golf instructor.

    “SwingTrack™ is a game changer,” says Rick Smith. “In over 25 years as a professional instructor, I have never seen technology as sophisticated and accurate as the SwingTrack™ simulators. I’m excited to team up with Visual Sports to bring this breakthrough teaching tool to the market.”

    Over the years, Smith has worked with PGA pros including Jack Nicklaus, Phil Mickelson and Lee Janzen. Highly recognized among the best golf teachers, he is also known specifically as a swing advice expert for the PGA Tour. For the past 15 years, Rick has been regularly ranked as one of the top ten golf instructors worldwide in polls done by Golf Digest Magazine (

    “We’re really excited to be working with Rick Smith,” says Daniel Weitzner, VP Development, Visual Sports. “It’s an amazing opportunity to have one of the world’s greatest golf instructors become a part of the Visual Sports team. Together, we are embarking on innovative product development changes to help our customers keep training like -- and now with -- a pro.”

    Marking over 15 years in the simulator business, Visual Sports has researched and perfected the art of golf simulation with SwingTrack™. The SwingTrack™ club analysis system is unlike traditional swing analysis technology on the market and shows the details of the swing instantly and in real time using advanced high speed cameras.

    Additional features and enhancements for SwingTrack™ by Visual Sports will be released in the coming months.

    About Visual Sports
    SwingTrack™ by Visual Sports is a world-class golf and sports simulator made for homes, businesses and events in over 85+ countries. Located in Toronto, Canada, the Visual Sports team has been designing and building top of the line simulators and offering incredible customer service for over 15 years. Their latest SwingTrack™ club analysis system is built on years of research and development from the Visual Sports product innovation labs and is unmet in the simulator world. Most recently, they’ve partnered with world-renowned golf instruction pro, Rick Smith to promote SwingTrack™.

    About Rick Smith
    Rick Smith is recognized as one of the top golf instructors, golf course designers and communicators in the world. With a well-recognized and integrated approach to golf, he remains one of the most respected, diverse and sought after person in the golf industry today. In addition to his success as a golf instructor, he’s regarded highly within the PGA Tour as a sounding board for swing advice. Among his many achievements, he operates the Rick Smith Golf Academies.
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