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Congrats to @Genghis (NET) and @Bradford (GROSS) winning the TGC 2018 Spring Tour - ATT Byron Nelson !

Join this weeks TGC 2018 Spring Tour - Fort Worth Invitational with 2 rounds at Colonial CC (beta) :
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AboutGolf Install Camera

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  • AboutGolf Install Camera

    Hi there

    We have this aboutgolf system. But guy who did buy back in days dont have any info about it anymore. And i talked to aboutgolf to add cameras to it. I see in the software that this is possible.
    But the support is bad.
    Been asking them how to add or install it. Maby get a manual pdf sheets to see how its done. But they are more intresting in who and where they did buy it :/
    So i was wondering if someone in here can help out with this?....


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    Probably not a tonne of About golf users here. They seemed to have slowly dropped in popularity.


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      Ok, is there any other forum that i can find some support about this shitty system they got?


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        I recommend going back to About Golf for support. They were purchased somewhat recently by a tech firm in Seattle and seem to be trying to improve their product. They asked to borrow my GCQuad for a day to compare numbers with it so they are definitely working on refining their algorithms. Anyway, I don't have any contacts there but keep trying. You won't find much of a user base for out there because these systems are really expensive as I believe entry is around $50k for their current models.