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automatic swing recording and slow motion playback with kinovea

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  • automatic swing recording and slow motion playback with kinovea

    I figured I should start a new topic because the other thread has gotten a little long and confusing. Primarily I don't want anyone to think I am using ps3eye cameras for a dual recording setup. i've had a couple of people contact me after purchasing two ps3eyes cameras, asking how to get them working with the dual recording script. while you can get it to work, it is not easy to do. If you are looking to do a 2 camera setup, skip the ps3eye cameras. I would recommend the OV2710 usb cameras from eBay that will do 100fps at 640x480 (does not do 120fps as advertised). There are many lens options and what works for you will depend on how far away you will be placing the cameras. These run at around $40-50.

    If you are looking for a very cheap 1 camera setup the ps3eye is great. Picture quality and frame rate aren't the best and getting 2 to work in kinovea is a pain but they cost less than $10.

    you can run one ps3eye and one OV2710 camera together. i did this for a few months. in this video the ps3eye cam is on the right and the OV2710 is on the left. you can see that the ps3eye is grainy and at 60fps, it is not great but does the job. in addition to a sharper picture and increased fps, another reason I ended up getting two OV2710 cameras is because with one video at 60fps and one at 100fps I couldn't sync the videos up.

    Here is what it looks like using 2 of the OV2710 cameras.

    the way it all works is based around kinovea's live delay feature. if you set the delay to 3 seconds, whatever the cameras see in real time shows up on screen 3 seconds later. if you only want to see your swing once, in real time, you could just run kinovea on a second monitor and set the delay to suit your needs. my autoit script automates the recording and playback process. the sound of impact triggers the script which starts and stops the recordings in kinovea, then opens the recordings in vlc. this means that two 6-7mb files are created every time you hit a ball, so you do need to watch your disk space. it works great for me and a few others here on this forum. before I did this, I took a lot of videos with my phone and while the video quality on any modern phone or tablet is far superior to the OV2710 cameras, it is so much more convenient this way.

    what you need to run a two camera setup is the following:
    a good computer (if it can run tgc smoothly, you should be ok)
    2 cameras (either 1 ps3eye and 1 OV2710 or 2 OV2710's)
    active usb extension cable
    kinovea version 0.8.15 (other versions will not work)
    vlc media player
    my autoit script

    the software is free except for audiozone trigger with costs $25. for hardware costs, you have 2 cameras at $50 each, a microphone for $10, and a usb active extension for $10, so all in $145.
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    Can someone post a link to the 2710 cameras I should buy? I’ve got up to 10 ft to work with on each camera.
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      Not sure what's wrong but my setup, it doesn't seem to trigger kinovea recording. when I hit a ball it starts vlc but I get errors because it's trying to open a file that basically has no name. I see that it didn't trigger the recording because if I look at Kinovea the record button is not activated. any idea?? I followed the youtube instructions. I have 2 ov2710 cameras.


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        Nevermind I just realized I didn't rename the file from dotexe to .exe