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GC2 / TGC / FSX Connectivity Troubleshooting & Solutions

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  • GC2 / TGC / FSX Connectivity Troubleshooting & Solutions

    Further down this post I have tried to give some detail about a number of solutions that I have found to be useful in solving GC2 / TGC / FSX connectivity issues:


    Last summer I built a new simulator setup. Since finishing the build in late summer 2018, I have had a constant battle with a range of freezing / drop-out issues. I implemented fix after fix outlined in the forum, as well as getting very helpful advice from both Protee Support and Par2Pro.

    The problems I experienced were varied and occurred with both the sim software programs I use (TGC and FSX, and more recently FSX2018). Sometimes I would not be able to connect at all. Other times the game would start up with no issue and then at some random point it would freeze, and then sometimes start again, and at other times, it would freeze and not reconnect. I had the issue with both TGC and FSX, and with FSX when it was both wired (USB) and wireless (bluetooth) connectivity.

    Each time I would implement a new solution, I hoped it would be the fix to all the issues. Sometimes I would see some improvements, and occasionally I could play an entire round without issues, but every time it would eventually fail.

    To say I was frustrated would be an understatement. It was impractical to invite any friends over to enjoy the sim, and I found myself making excuses to not use it, which having spent over $30k on the build was not a good feeling.

    A couple of weeks ago I implemented two more solutions. These were, I felt, the last two chances to find a fix and otherwise I was going to have to either ship the entire setup to Par2Pro for troubleshooting, or give up on the entire sim setup.

    I am delighted to say, that since implementing the final two fixes, I have not had any issues. I have played 4 or 5 times each week (a total of probably 10 sessions, completely trouble free (knock on wood)). I have played rounds on both TGC and FSX2018, as well as practice sessions.

    I am hopeful that I can now use my sim without further issues and I am hoping that my experiences can help some of those people who are having similar experiences.


    I know there has been a lot of talk on this forum about similar issues. My personal experience is that one single solution is not going to solve all issues. Whilst I am “tech savvy” I defer to the greater knowledge of more technical forum members in terms of the specifics of certain solutions. All I can do is outline what has been successful for me, and hope that it can be of some help to other forum members. My gut feeling is that the issues relate more to Windows10 and related factors than the TGC server (as mentioned, I had the issue with both TGC and FSX). I also know of a couple of experienced users on this forum who are not having issues are using older versions of Windows which leads me to believe that the Windows 10 settings are causing a lot of the issues.

    My Setup (for reference):
    • Dell XPS 8930
    • 16 GB RAM
    • GTX 1070
    • Windows 10
    • GC2 (Refurbished)
    • FSX and now upgraded to FSX2018
    • TGC (not using v2019)
    Please also note that the above setup is used primarily for golf simulation. I do have a car racing setup which I also use, and as the sim room is also a training room, I sometimes watch YouTube or movies when working out. The setup is NOT used for work or other personal use, which for some users might have an impact on the following solutions.


    Where possible, I recommend that all of the following solutions be implemented to increase the chance of not having further issues. These are not listed in priority order, as I am unsure which solutions are more effective than others. The good news is that all solutions are either free or very cheap, and if you can afford to install a golf sim, then it should be possible to implement all of these quickly and easily:

    1) Bluetooth Dongle
    • As TGC will not work over USB connection to GC2 it is necessary to figure out the best bluetooth solution.
    • My experience was the the internal bluetooth function in my PC did not work reliably.
    • I also tried a cheap Bluetooth dongle (connected via USB extension) and continued to have issues
    • I strongly recommend that you purchase an ASUS USB-BT400 bluetooth dongle
    • This seems to be the best regarded dongle and is recommended by several people on this forum and on other forums
    • When you start to use it, ensure you install the latest driver for the dongle:
    • Place the dongle as close to the GC2 as possible
    • I started with the dongle a few inches away from the GC2, but to avoid it being stepped on, or knocked by balls, it is now in a more protected area, about 5’ away from the GC2 but with a clear line of sight and it works fine
    2) USB Active Cable
    • These cables are not expensive, but I believe it is a critical part of having a successful setup
    • Don’t plug the dongle directly into the PC unless your PC is very close to the GC2
    • To connect the dongle to the PC, also do NOT use a regular USB extension
    • Ensure that you use an “Active” USB Extension Cable
    • For those in Canada, this is the one I got:

    3) Bluetooth & USB Configuration

    a) Disable Windows 10's 'USB Selective Suspend' Setting
    • Windows 10 (and maybe earlier versions) has a default setting where it will put USB devices in a low power state when they are not in use. Whilst this is effective for laptops where a user wants to maintain battery life, it is unnecessary on a desktop PC and seems to cause havoc with keeping a GC2 connected
    • Follow the steps in this link to prevent the OS from suspending USB devices by changing the power options in the Control Panel:

    b) Configure Bluetooth Settings
    • In simple terms, you do not want multiple bluetooth devices trying to connect to your GC2
    • If your PC shipped with an internal bluetooth device, you need to disable this, so that it does not connect to the GC2
    • Note: I also have a second bluetooth dongle in my PC which is used for my keyboard mouse combo. Be sure to not disable any bluetooth devices that are in use,
    • Only disable a device if your PC has an internal bluetooth device which is now not being used
    • To turn off your internal bluetooth device (to only use the external dongle)
      • In Search, type: "Device"
      • Open Device Manager
      • Open the Bluetooth section
      • Right click your internal Bluetooth device
      • Disable device
    c) Enable Automatic Bluetooth Servicesd) Disable Bluetooth Power Management
    • Go to the same link:
    • Scroll down to the section for Disable Bluetooth Power Management
    • I found this section to be key, and it takes a bit of time to check all entries
    • Expand and check through every section and look for any reference to Bluetooth devices (you have to open the section to see the sub items) and then for any mention of a Bluetooth device, uncheck "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”
    • Take your time and make sure you review every entry

    4) Virus Protection
    • I am slightly loathe to recommend this because of the potential implications, but I have had this advice from multiple techs who have significantly more knowledge and experience than me
    • Their recommendation is to removed McAfee anti virus (often shipped with Windows 10) and only use Windows Defender for protection against security threats
    5) Install Proton VPN
    • Install the free version of Proton VPN from this site
    • I know there is an entire thread dedicated to this subject and there are some mixed views on it
    • This was recommended by Protee Support
    • Personally, like many others, alongside the other items in this post, I have found this solution to work
    • It is free to install and simple to use
    • It is easy to only use it for golf simulation and turn it off for other use if you so choose

    6) Windows User Management
    • Check that there are no conflicts between multiple Windows Users
    • Personally I ensured that I only have a single user account

    • In addition to the above items, as part of my process, I also completed a full Windows 10 re-install and removal of unused programs
    • When the PC I bought was shipped to me, with Windows 10 installed, it was littered with programs that I do not need and will not use
    • It is always a good idea to remove any unused programs to ensure that they are not causing issues

    I hope people find this useful and that for at least one or two people it can provide you with the solution I have experienced and can allow you to enjoy your Sim!!

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    Wow! Thanks. Maybe I won't give up on tgc just yet .Will try this and get back to you.


    • GoldenSim
      GoldenSim commented
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      I hope one, or all of these help. I honestly went from the stage of nearly throwing the whole entire setup away, to being stoked and now inviting people over to enjoy it with me. Good luck!! Let me, and everyone else know if any of these work for you.

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    Great reference for Bluetooth. Could the moderator make this a sticky?


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      The effort put into this post is unreal. I had to disable my firewall to get mine to work. I always felt a little put off by that.
      Last edited by Ports; 03-06-2019, 12:11 AM.


      • GoldenSim
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        Thanks Ports - with all the help I've been given on this forum (directly and indirectly) this was one small thing I hoped I could give back with

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      Ok, I did the following: 3a,b,c,d, 5 (VPN) and 6.
      I actually got through 1 full round and 9 holes of the 2nd round. I was playing as quickly as possible (trying to get in both rounds).
      I was really excited because I thought I fixed it. Nope. 9 holes into round 2 the flashing connection symbol (bottom right of screen) came on again and the game stopped responding.
      When I have time, I'm going to try 1,2 and 4 above. Thanks again GoldenSim for putting this together.


      • GoldenSim
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        Hi Mickey, I'm sorry to hear that those items did not deliver 100% fix. As I mentioned, my experience is that it may need most, or all of them, for a 100% solution. Sadly that means a bit of cost, but both the dongle and the active USB cable are pretty cheap, especially in relation to the rest of your sim (!).... I also think those two items are two of the key elements. Remember that when you add the new dongle, you'll need to go back to 3b to configure the bluetooth items correctly.

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      GSF can you lock the topic as well. The worst thing about stickies is some have pages after pages.

      please delete this comment and lock if possible


      • GoldenSim
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        Whilst I agree that multi page stickies can be a pain, the only problem with locking this one, is that it is a work in progress. Whilst the above solutions worked for me, there may be items that other people want to add. Or comment on what worked for them. Now that the forum has this great new display, where the OP is always at the top of each page (at least I think that's new), my feeling would be that we keep this open for comment and then I can edit the post with anything that needs to be added or edited. Just my $0.02

      • triplebogeysrbetter
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        It’s the same issue with all stickies in my opinion. You put a lot of great information in this one. Just look at some of the older ones. A lot of unnecessary entries. Simple stickies about q school have turned in JK Riley’s novels.
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      • Mickey
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        Please keep it open for a little longer. There are comments from other participants that I expect to try out. Input from others is key to solving this issue. For those of you that aren't having any issues - just ignore it.

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      Eureka! Ditched the cable, plugged the dongle directly into the computer and moved the computer allowing for a direct line from the dongle to the gc2.

      2 and half rounds with no issues. Really nice to have tgc back. Thank you again GoldenSim.


      • GoldenSim
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        Mickey - I'm super stoked you found a solution. Slight variation on mine, but I know how you feel right now!!