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iPhone and USB Cameras and FPS

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  • iPhone and USB Cameras and FPS

    My simulator is located in the basement with insufficient lighting. The iPhone 8 camera captures swing videos at about 240fps. The iPhone 8 image is damn good with no shaft blur. But, the cameras I have connected to FSX 2018 capture only about 30-60fps under the same lightning conditions as the iPhone. Why is this? Is the iPhone camera that much better? Is the CPU the limiting factor?

    I have the following:


    Intel Core i7 – 3.6Ghz

    NVIDA GeForce 1070

    16GB RAM


    ELP UBS CMOS with OV4689 (rolling shutter) -

    USB CMOS with OV2710 (rolling shutter) -

    Kayeton USB 120fps at 1280 x 720P (global shutter) -

    Any input is appreciated. Thanks.

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    The iphone cameras are incredible. The camera is a bulk of the cost of that $800+ piece of hardware in your fingers.. its basically a camera with a phone added to it.


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      Thanks fro...Can one expect the IDS and FLIR cameras to perform as well as the iPhone under the same lighting conditions? Thanks.


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        htdumps is the only joker I know with a bunch of IDS cameras. He may offer better insight.


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          Try to disable the auto-exposure in the cameras properties and lower the exposure time.

          Usually in these cameras the exposure time takes precedence over the framerate. Under low light conditions the shutter stays open for so long that the framerate has to go down. For example if the shutter needs to stay open for 50ms to collect enough light, it can't possibly capture more than 20 frames per seconds.

          It's possible that you will no longer be able to make out anything though. Increase the gain if the noise is not unbearable. And look for some cheap LED lights :-)


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            Get the Keyton global shutter in monochrome and by an IR flood light. Thank me later. The FLIR and IDS cameras are great but you looking at between $345-850. not including lens tripod mount and cables. Also what software are you using to record your swing?


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              I am using FSX 2018 for the playback after each shot, both FO and DTL. I was hoping for an image a bit crisper with better color saturation, much like the iPhone 8 produces, with significantly higher fps. In looking into replacement iPhone 8 camera modules, they are less than $100. Would be nice if there was a means to utilize one of the iPhone 8 camera replacement modules and outfit it as a USB camera. Thanks. Riedy09