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Custom resolution windows laptop with nvidia

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  • Custom resolution windows laptop with nvidia

    I am getting an error message when entering my custom resolution in the nvidia control panel. Resolution not supported. Anyone else have experience with this issue? Having my projector moved backwards tomorrow to help fill the screen. I have a 4:3 setup. MSI HS63 stealth with a 1060 nvidia from 2018

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    1. What resolution are you entering?

    2. What kind of projector do you have (make and model)?


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      Right now 1400 x 1050, 1080gt Optoma screen size 117.5” x 99”


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        So you're trying to fill up the entire screen? If so, you'll need to enter a resolution that is of the same ratio as your screen. In other words, 1400x1050 is a 4:3 ratio. However, 117.5x99 is not.

        This video will help you out. Around the 6:20 mark is when he explains how to do what you're trying to do. I think you'll need to be entering something around 1280x1080.


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          Thanks I backed the projector up and have a little on the top that is not quite filled but looks a lot better. I will post some pictures when I get a chance. At my kids swimming at the moment.