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Need a PC or laptop?

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  • Need a PC or laptop?

    So whatever direction I go (skytrak, mevo, garmin) I'll need a PC or laptop with minimum requirements to project to screen I'm hitting into?

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    No. But it depends.

    ST, Mevo+, R10 all do offer varying kinds of mobile apps for driving range and/or simulation. and both iOS or Android mobile devices (phone or tablet) can output its screen via HDMI cable to a projector or TV etc. so if it has an app that runs on a mobile device, you can project that onto a screen no problem with appropriate cable/adapter that are easily found on Amazon.

    for example: ST has its main driving range app on PC, iOS, Android. Also can play simulation golf on an iPad using E6 Connect or WGT etc. Mevo+ comes with FS Golf, FS Skills for free on iOS, Android (soon on PC), and also comes with basic E6 Connect licence for iOS. Awesome Golf is also available on iOS for Mevo+. R10 comes with Garmin Golf app (driving range, simulation) on iOS & Android, and also has E6 Connect option on iOS.

    So yeah, you can get away with all three without a PC and still be able to enjoy screen-projected simulation (more so if you have an iOS device than an Android device). But if you want better graphics (mobile version of the SW usually has worse graphics), or be able to play PC-only simulators such as TGC 2019, then you will need a gaming-capable PC or laptop (with at least a mid-range gaming graphics card). Also, using a PC allows other convenience integration such as being able to use a control box / joystick (
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      A PC is generally cheaper than a laptop and can have individual components upgraded over time as software requirements change. If you don't need the portability, I'd always go with the box.


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        Thanks for that both of you.
        I can build a box no worries and leave in garage.
        Somewhere on this site states minimum requirements? Probly go SSD, as many gen 2 usb as possible. Win 10 as I'm familiar. Basic graphics card won't do as I understand. Sounds like whatever direction I go the graphics card and system ram are key. Sound right?


        • preludesam
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          Yeah, you're on the right track. Any recent generation CPU with six or more cores (I have a 9600k). There are recommended CPU specs on each LM's site. 16GBs of ram. Something around 512Gb SSD SATA 3 or NVMe PCI 3.0 or above. Last but not least a graphics card. This one is difficult. The market for GPUs is toxic right now. You have to be really lucky to find a GPU for MSRP. GPUs are selling at 200% of MSRP.

          So depending on what you plan to do in the future, a laptop may be cheaper and a smarter buy. You could also go the pre-built computer route and the prices are more manageable for a full setup with a graphics card. Check out Origin PC or iBuyPower. The question you should ask is are you going to add accessories later onto your build. Something like high-speed capture cameras or tons of screens to look at other data or watch sports at the same time. If you want to add tons of cool additions then build or buy a prebuilt because it offers expanabiltity for those options. If you just want to play courses and practice then get a laptop. It's probably cheaper and you get portability.

        • aussiebenny
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          Any decent CPU (i5 or higher), Win 10, SSD or NVMe, 8GB RAM or more, and a GTX 1650 or higher should run TGC 2019 or E6 just fine at max settings. If you wanna go full 4K resolution on it, then you may need to up the GPU a notch but it is no Crysis so you still don't need to go very high end on the GPU.

          But yeah, a gaming-capable laptop may be a better solution as desktop GPU prices are ridiculous right now. I also use a laptop for convenience. Can get a more than enough laptop for under $800 these days. e.g.
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