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Computer Build for FSX Play and GsPro

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  • Computer Build for FSX Play and GsPro

    Looking for anyone that has done a desktop computer build for fsx play and GsPro. What did you use and are you running it in 1080p or 4k and if doing again would you do something different. I want to build one to keep costs down. I would be attaching it to a t.v. and running strictly 1080p. Thanks for any input.

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    I built a 4070ti AMD 7600 CPU, 32gb DDR5 RAM. Run 4k in both FSX and GSPro no issues. Build a year and a half ago 1700. Figured future proof and don't have to upgrade next year.


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      Thanks for posting your specs, I am in the process of getting a list of possible parts together and the 4070ti is on it. Glad to hear you have no issues with the amd cpu.