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Net/Barrier Ideas For Above Carl’s Enclosure

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  • Net/Barrier Ideas For Above Carl’s Enclosure

    Hey Guys,

    Just curious what those of you using the Carl’s (or any other kind of) enclosure use up above it as far as netting or barriers go.

    I have the Carl’s 10.5’W x 8’H x 5’D enclosure and love it. What drives me crazy is my rubber tees tend to fly up and get stuck on top of it when I’m hitting drivers. I have to drag my damn ladder out over and over to get them back down.

    Im sure most just have netting, which is fine, but on the Carl’s enclosure (for those of you that don’t know) it doesn’t have a place on top of the enclosure to anchor anything to it. The material wraps around and velcros over the EMT pipe.

    Its only about a 21” space for me between the top of the enclosure and ceiling. So I really didn’t want to buy a great big net or special order one to fit.

    Has anyone dealt with this like I am?


    I attached a photo for reference.


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    Cheap solution is to get the mesh tarp from harbor freight, mount it to the front pole and attach to the ceiling. It's black so should blend in fairly well. You might not even need to attach it to the frame, you may be able to just let it lay on top.


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      Not sure what tees u r using but look up the tee claw with w
      elastic cord u attach to a tomahawk tee or birtee. Google or search on here lots of discussion on tees


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        I would do something with your tees, as Fhacker said, rather than putting up netting unless you're hitting balls up there too. I just have my rubber tee tied to fishing line which I secure a few feet away, but a lot of people use the tee claw and love it.


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          Thanks for the feedback guys! As a PGA club professional with tons of gadgets for instruction, one would think I would have heard of these before. Never had. Tee claw looks pretty cool and versatile. I’ll give it a try.



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            Just FYI I don’t use the tee claw as it is designed, most just use it as an anchoring spot on mat, just twist it in wherever u want. Attach elastic cord to actual tee, I use tomahawk tees. Others use birtees


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              I just ordered 1” firm foam (charcoal) from foam by mail. I’m covering the ceiling and walls 6’ from the screen. I will post pictures once I get it up.



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                Looks promising. Let us know how it performs