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Crisp and clear picture, cloth over impact screen.

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  • Crisp and clear picture, cloth over impact screen.

    Just thought I would share my experience with something I tried. When building my enclosure I went with a 10x9 size. Ordered a 10x10 impact screen from Supertex. It's very rigid and durable, but also has a slight waffle pattern to it. So I added a polyester photo drop screen in front of the impact, I know most people do this with a black cloth and white cloth behind it, I tried the front on a whim

    It's been over 4 months since I've had it this way and I couldn't be happier. I get a nice clean picture from the projector and there isn't a single mark or year after about 750 shots.

    Link to the drop cloth,

    ​​​​Click image for larger version

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  • Hi William Jenkins ,

    Yes, I'm nearly done... you can see from a few of my posts, I've got the photo backdrop you recommended in front of an 801 (3 layer impact screen). The sound deadening seems fine and the bounceback is minimal with the few shots I've tested it with. In the next 7-10 days I plan on being finished and there will be a lot more balls up.

    I have the photobackdrop clipped to the top wire - so directly against the 801 screen, and bungeed on the sides as well. You can also see it's pretty wrinkly at this point - and I have a steamer I bought last week to use to get the wrinkles out - then we'll have a 'real test'. From what I see initially though - the 'whiteness' of the photo backdrop is much more brighter than this 801 impact screen (which is kind of a creamy brownish/white), so the whites are enhanced for sure. When I'm all done with setup, I may pull back 1/2 of the backdrop and you can compare them side by side - but overall I'm very happy, for $35 it's one of the best spends of my project to protect my impact screen, thanks again.

    Here's the link where you can see my progress, and the screen:


    • William Jenkins - I still have some stretching and de-wrinkling to do in these pics... but you can see, my $20 photo backdrop does a decent job:

      Click image for larger version

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      However I am getting quite a few scuff/burn marks on the photo backdrop that can only be seen from the side, here's an example of that:
      Click image for larger version

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      I will post again when I am finished steaming, stretching my screen/photo backdrop to show you the final outcome, but so far you're right, I'm really liking that this is protecting my Impact Screen - yet still allowing the impact screen to absorb the majority of the impact, I have nearly zero bounceback!

      Thanks again for the suggestion.
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