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Carls 8x10.5 x 5 Premium vs 24/7 Enclosure Help

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  • Carls 8x10.5 x 5 Premium vs 24/7 Enclosure Help

    Hi all, I am updating to an enclosure from a NetReturn and have narrowed down to 2 — Carl’s 8x10.5x5 vs a 24/7 8.6x10x5 Golf enclosure. Anyone have any insight into either of these? There doesn’t seem to be many user reviews for the 24/7 but looks easy to get going but for a cost$.

    I am aware of the basic spec differences with the offset screen, and included pipes of the 24/7. Is this worth $600? And, any other real life use experience appreciated.

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    Does anyone have a 24/7 Enclosure that can comment on it?


    • Markl
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      Yes I have one. I do NOT recommend. The screen cannot be pulled taunt and it ripples really poorly. Then when you hit a ball at it the dimple is larger than a basketball.

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    I don’t have experience with these kits, but can share…. I built a custom enclosure of similar size with 1” EMT, canopy connectors, full coverage golf impact net and blackout curtains. I probably spent $600+ and it took me quite a bit of time to eliminate bounce back off frame. I enjoyed the process and prefer to DIY, but if I could have bought it up front for $600 that would have saved a bit of headache.


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        Sorry to jump in on this late, you may have already made your decisions, but I put together the Carl’s DIY 8.5x10 and really enjoyed the process of putting it together. I use it 4-5 times per week and have really been happy with it