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Angle Iron vs Screw In eyes and screen size

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  • Angle Iron vs Screw In eyes and screen size

    I am in the planning stage of building a 16’x24’ shed with a 10’ Ceiling and am curious to the pros and cons of using angle irons vs screw in eyes. If I place the studs and ceiling joist a foot off the back wall I can’t see why using the screw in eyes wouldn’t be easier.

    For a 16’x24’ shed I would be looking at 15’ 5x23’5 inside dimension. I would minus 6” off the width for a 14’11 wide screen. Would I order the height 8’5 for a 16:9 ratio?


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    Just way easier to adjust using angle iron vs moving the screw in eye bolts. You want the opposing points to be straight across from each other as it helps minimize wrinkles.