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  • Metechs Retractable Screen

    Looking to purchase the Metechs retractable kit but didn’t realize they also sell impact screens. Wondering if anyone has experience or feedback on the screen quality. They quoted $299 for a 12x10 screen. Would be nice to buy the kit with the screen already attached.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.

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    I got the roller from them but not the screen. I saw someone on here say the screen was not great. I ordered one from Gung Ho with the one end hemmed and the other with velcro sewn in for a retractable screen. Attaching it to the roller is a super simple process. The screen from gung ho came with the opposing strip of velcro with adhesive backing to put on the bar. Then you just attach the screen with that. Takes like 5 minutes.


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      I got a complete retractable screen kit from Metechs. The main screen is their pro model, and the side screen is their standard model. It has been working really well for a few months. I also watch movies on it. Super happy. Good price. It looks very nice in my living room. I am looking for nice speakers for watching movie. Anyone have any suggestions?