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Buy Impact Screen Fabric Directly from Mill

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  • Buy Impact Screen Fabric Directly from Mill

    As a cost sensitive person attempting to build a high quality simulator, I realized purchasing the correct impact screen is critical to both the simulator's overall performance and it's price tag. It should be affordable, durable, seamless, impact resistant, have minimal bounce back, low noise, and display HD quality images.

    West Coast Netting, Par2Pro, Foresight, Carl's Place and others listed in various forum threads all sell screens but none actually manufacture them. Buying second hand increases cost and my goal to buy the highest quality materials at the best possible price can only be accomplished by purchasing direct from the mill that manufacturers the fabric.

    After plenty of research I found the mill that's manufacturing the impact screen fabric for Foresight, Carl's Place and others. The mills highest quality impact screen fabric is a heavyweight knit polyester sold only in 120 inch x 40 yard rolls. The raw material costs $56/yard without shipping.

    40 yards is clearly too much material for my simulator so I'm looking to get a group of us on the forum to split a roll.

    Please advise any interest or questions.

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    Where are you located? multiple shipping might get expensive but likely still much cheaper.


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      get some costing together on the sizes that are most used like 10x10 and 12x10 with shipping and let me know i might be in for two of them at 144 x 120


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        I'm interested in a 10x10. Let me know.


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          I'd be interested in a 15x10 depending on cost


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            I'm interested as well, I think I would need 10 x 10.


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              I'd be interested in 10 by 10 depending on price


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                Interested in a 14 by 10


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                  I would be in for 15x10.


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                    Jason Mills and Supertex are two american mills I know who make golf impact screens. XQ Manufacturing in Shenyang China does also. Maybe compare with these if you haven't already. I would have thought one could do much better than $20/Sq yard direct from a mill.

                    How does the one you've lined up compare to the par2pro HQ for image quality?


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                      Count me in, probably 10 by 10


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                        The level of interest is exciting.

                        Aeroburner: 26 ft
                        Justin General: 11 ft
                        tkotts: 16 ft
                        wbond: 11 ft
                        Ron Patterson Golf: 11 ft
                        inorkuo: 15 ft
                        Boerdoc: 16 ft
                        Bastiaan: 11 ft
                        PM: 19 ft
                        dbgolf72: 32 ft

                        Totals after adding 1 ft per screen: 168 linear feet

                        1 roll is 120 linear feet. Seems there could be enough interest to move 2 rolls. When the mill opens after the holiday I'll ask them for a discount if we buy 2.

                        Question: Is there more interest in buying the raw material or a finished product?

                        In response to tkotts:
                        If more interest in finished product, we can avoid double freight by finishing the screens nearby the mill and shipping directly from finishing location to everyone.

                        In response to FaultyClubs:
                        In addition to Jason Mills and Supertex I also compared Twitchell's textilene nano 95. There is a lot to talk about here but to keep it brief, in my opinion, textilene and supertex are outdoor fabrics that also sort of work as impact screens. Jason Mills has 3 tiers of fabric designed specifically for use as golf simulator impact screens. Their top tier fabric is what I have quoted and is the only fabric I found that meets the criteria I set forth in my initial post. Yes, it's possible to buy cheaper fabric. Textilene nano 95 is $17/linear yard but the difference between $56/yard and $17/yard on a typical size screen is $150. Small price to pay for higher quality.

                        Happy New Year to you all and I appreciate the interest.


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                          I'm interested in a 15 X 10


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                            I would be in for same as Aeorburner possibly. I think finished material might be better just my thought.


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                              There some guys that bought raw and folded the edges over and used tarp clips to hold it. Quick, simple and easy. I sewed my raw. Also simple.
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