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Why no side or ceiling protection?

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  • Why no side or ceiling protection?

    A lot of the photos posted of home simulator builds don't seem to have any protection to the sides of the impact screen or above it. Why is that?

    Am I overestimating how far offline a shank could go? My assumption is that a hosel shot might go nearly perpendicular to target. And a wedge shot where you get under it or a skyball off the driver might go straight up. Am I misjudging how close to "perpindicular" and "straight up" the ball actually goes in these scenarios?

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    Shank not so much perpendicular, more like a 45 or 30 or even less, but not straight right. I have a 11' wide net and hit from about 7-8' away and haven't come close to missing the screen. Unfortunately my miss is sometimes a shank so I've hit quite a few of them. Most shots straight right are off the edge of the toe. Driver can go straight up, right off the top of the crown. Really depends on your skill level and those that you let play as well.
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      I'm not awesome, but I'm an ok player. But I imagine if I'm hitting 100 balls on the thing 3-4 times per week, it will only be a matter of time until I've "missed every miss" imaginable.

      Maybe my skill level is just lacking vs. the people who have nicely decorated rooms surrounding their impact screens...

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    i have a 10 foot side wall enclosure and many guys have a lot less the 10 foot is a little extreme but it blacks out a lot for me to get a better projection a 5 foot return is more then adequate for shanks if your nervous depends on what your trying to protect though


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      I have a 10.5 foot ceiling and have a high launch. I am about 8 ft away and have hit my ceiling with my gap wedge.

      I have friends who spray right and left of my 10 ft screen. I am adding side barrier nets. How far back should I have the panels go to be safe?

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