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Best mat I've ever hit off of, wow!

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  • Best mat I've ever hit off of, wow!

    I'm in the process of building my golf sim and have been using old mats from when I was a Golf Course Superintendent. I'm a 50 year old with a 10 handicap with the old system...if that matters. I've also got a wrist that is so bad that when the doctors look at my MRI, they all, that's impressive since it's so bad. So yes, I need all the cushioning I can get if I want to hit a couple hundred balls at a time off a mat and live to tell about it.

    I purchased a CCE mat after reading about it here on this site and ordered through Costco for $450. Then I went to my old club where I was the Super....and they bought new mats which changed everything for me. They were so good that the next day I called the Pro to ask what he purchased. It's the Quattro Mat from Wittek Eagle One....a company I used to buy things from so I was familiar with them. Top notch products for sure.

    So I ordered one and will be returning my CCE mat back even before I try to compare. I paid $399 for the Wittek Quattro plus another $100 for shipping. Next day after I ordered (ouch), they went on sale for $325. Get yours now.

    Just thought I'd throw this post out there for others that are old and have pain like I do so that there is a solution...the Quarrto!

    Play well.
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  • So the mat arrived late last night and I was able to set it up today. Other than a crease down the middle (which I hope will eventually go away) I'm happy with it. It's soft enough that I had no pain after hitting about 60 balls today. I tried a PRGR swing monitor and it seemed to be giving consistent readings that I get at the driving range, so that's a plus as well. I still want a SkyTrak though because I believe it's readings will be more accurate versus the PRGR and I can see the flight path on a computer.


    • I need to buy a mat ... fiberbuilt lead time is too long. Considering this Quattro or Rain or Shine option ... anybody have any idea if Quattro will go on sale again??


      • GullLakeMi
        GullLakeMi commented
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        Try for free shipping.

    • Originally posted by Homer View Post
      Just got quoted the same $135 for ten mats, waiting for shipping costs
      I would be interested in this too.


      • brentflog
        brentflog commented
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        Me too. Is this still available

    • Anyone in Canada still have strips for sale?
      This has got to be way better than the $100 3-in-1 mat I'm returning to Sportchek.

      I need something to strike the ball off of in the garage. What inexpensive material could I combine with it to use as my stance mat?

      Probably gonna combine everything on a sheet of plywood countoured by 1x1 wood. That way I can pick it move and move it out of the way when not in use.



      • Brettster
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        JeepKing39 - these mats may be too thick to do that? I've seen videos of a guy building a simulator and doing that with plywood, but it was very cheap (artificial carpet/turf) that he stapled to the plywood after wrapping it around.

      • walkities
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        In a similar position trying to find out what the best option here is for a gargae sim in Canada. With snow 8 months out of the year finding something I can easily move is important. If you find anything let me know. I likely have to go with a strip and two stance mats to figure out all the lefties and righties in this country. Wasn't sure if the Quattro would be even an option for that.

    • So, I'm going on a year and a signs of wear and tear. No slumping from being soft, only pure turf remains. The tee's got bent after many thousands of bombs but they're still going just fine.

      I'm really stoked people have tried these out and like them as well! There really is nothing to dislike about the mat if you ask me.

      You're welcome players, and Wittek Eagle One! Can I get some sort of discount for sending you business? Just've always been good to me.

      This mat has taken my game to the next level and I use it just about every day.

      Get out there and play....


      • DISAGREE on Quattro. Had it three months and have had hand pain the ENTIRE time. Just my experience.


        • Yeah it’s a pretty common theme with any of the mats, what works great for some doesn’t for others.
          Originally posted by Cap View Post
          DISAGREE on Quattro. Had it three months and have had hand pain the ENTIRE time. Just my experience.


          • For what it’s worth I’ve had shoulder issues using mats in the past. Went with the fiberbuilt studio set up. Haven’t had any issues. Visited a friend recently who bought one of the package deals from rain or shine and the mat it came with is causing some elbow issues.