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Just can’t pull the trigger on a Mat

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  • Just can’t pull the trigger on a Mat

    I have done research upon research on mats and just can’t figure out which one to buy. I’m hitting in my garage so I need for whatever mat I get to be somewhat portable that I can move out of the way. I’m using a FS Mevo Plus. I am a 4 handicap and in my better days I was a +1. This is what I have heard / found out .

    CCE: great durability , can be moved easy, punishes the body and causes injury.

    True Strike: great feel, non portable big and bulky very hard to putt off of.

    Divot Action: great feel , great numbers with Mevo plus, portable, not to sure about durability. Cant find to much info about them on sites or YouTube.

    I came across one yesterday called monster mat it seemed very intriguing.

    Anyone have any opinions or other brands to look at??? I really need to get one ordered. The closest I have been to ordering one is the Divot action.

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    I use Fiberbuilt Hitting strip embedded in a DIY platform in my garage


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      Any good links on building your on platform ? Not sure if I would do this or not though.


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        I was just down in the Pinehurst area playing golf and on one the courses they were using the Wittek Mega mats on their range. I was impressed with how realistic it was. I plan to buy it as I get my garage set up for next winter.


        • Adrenaline
          Adrenaline commented
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          I was considering that one and they talked me into the standard Quattro. I feel the regular Quattro is too soft, and not so realistic. Kind of wonder how the mega mat is in comparison.

        • GullLakeMi
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          I had a CCE and switched to Quattro. First winter with a simulator. Was very concerned about hitting 100's of balls off a mat and how that would impact my game. CCE hurt my back. Fortunately they have a great return policy. I switched to Quattro. I'd say its 33% easier on the joints, but no change in impact on ball flight (fat shots don't fly as far). Both mats are a little grabby in that I hit a few shanks on them that I don't do outdoors. Having now played several rounds outdoors, I couldn't be happier about the transition. Hitting balls off the Quattro has improved my ball striking. Only negative is it doesn't take a real tee.

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        Many factors when building a platform. Mine is in my garage so I had to account for the slope. The other factors is if you want the hitting mat flush with the surrounding surface, thickness of surrounding surface and mat. I used 2x4, on the side, ripped to get the slope, used a shim or two, place first level of plywood down. Then added a second layer of plywood. I based the thickness of what size plywood I need by the the divot action mat I have plus for the Turf Factory Direct that is the stance and surrounding area. No plans, just need to be creative. Or you buy one of the big stance and hitting mat in one. Good Luck


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          After looking I don’t want to build a platform .


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            I got the A grade for $200 (looks like they are now $220). It was practically brand new, hardly any signs of wear. These are the mats that are used at Top Golf that get replaced and then resold by this place. You can use a real tee in them which I really like. Been using for about a year now and zero complaints. Not difficult to move either if you need portability.


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              I would consider the EZ Tee mats, or soft strike. Not as many reviews out there, but the ones that are out there seem to be very good. I really did not like the Fiberbuilt as it was unrealistic, and the Quattro seems a bit too soft. No experience with any others.


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                I have the Mevo+ and went with the DivotAction after doing much research. I've been very pleased with the feel and data numbers and I don't have any joint issues that I had with other mats. When I inquired with the company, John Carilli, the founder of Custom Design Golf called me personally and took the time go through my options for the stance mat and insert before I purchased it from them. Replacing the insert when the time comes seems easy and reasonably priced. I've had it now for about 3 months and hit on it every day and no real signs of wear yet.


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                  I tried a few different matts and the best I have tried so for is from Par 2 pro country club elite not cheap but a nice mat easy on the joints


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                    Wow that’s crazy I haven’t heard to many people say positive things about CCE


                    • 3on3putt
                      3on3putt commented
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                      Yeah most people report the CCE being really harsh on the joints. Every once in a while someone reports the opposite but they definitely seem to be in the minority.