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Fantastic deals on Sony WUXGA (native 16:10) Projectors w/ 5K to 6K lumens

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  • Fantastic deals on Sony WUXGA (native 16:10) Projectors w/ 5K to 6K lumens

    If any of you are in the market for a WUXGA native 16:10 projector with short throw capability, there are some incredible deals on eBay right now.

    I just got a brand new unopened box Sony VPL-FHZ-65W WUXGA (native 16:10) laser 3LCD projector with 6,000 lumens for $2,000. This projector original sold for $10,000 a few years ago and even now you can’t find a new one (not refurbished) online retail for less than $6,500. The throw ratio for the stock lens on this projector is 1.39-2.31, which isn’t bad, but this projector has an interchangeable lens.

    So also on eBay I just got a brand new unopened box Sony Short Throw Zoom lens (VPLL-Z3009) with 0.85-1.00 throw ratio that’s compatible with this projector for only $394. This lens sells new for no less than $2,000 online retail.

    With this lens you can project a 12.5 X 7.5 image from 10 feet and a 16’ X 10’ image at only 13’ 7” and with the huge amount of vertical and horizontal lens shift that this projector has, you can hit from 10 feet from your screen and not have any shadows. You’ll probably be able to hit from 10 feet without having to use the lens shift at all.

    This projector is insane. 20,000 hour laser, no lamp. 6,000 lumens. An enormous of amount of vertical and horizontal lens shift and keystone correction and ton of
    other features.

    This is a high-end entertainment/businsss projector, but at this price it’s an amazing deal and fits what I need.

    So so there are a at least a half dozen other similar Sony projectors and short throw lens on eBay right now for similar prices. The projector was listed for $2,400 buy now but I messaged the guy and offered $2,000 and he took it.

    The short throw lens was a auction. I was the only bidder at $200 starting bid for 5 days and in the last hour it only went up to $394.

    Here are links to some of similar projectors and short throw lenses. Keep in mind that Sony projectors that have VPL-FHZ and a number are laser projectors. If they have VPL-FH without the Z they have traditional lamps which are still great projectors.

    The FHZ60, FHZ65, FH60, and FH65 all use same optional interchangeable lenses. The 60’s have 5K lumens and the 65’s have 6K.

    The two short throw lenses available for these projectors are the VPLL-Z3009 short throw zoom (throw ratio 0.85-1.00) and the VPLL-3007 short throw fixed (throw ratio 0.65). The latter can project a 16’ X 10’ image from only 10’ 5” but it doesn’t have a zoom so you would need to mount it at that exact distance to get a 16 X 10 image.

    Sony also has projector models FHZ55, FHZ57, FH55, and FH57 all with VPL to start the model #. These models use different interchangeable lenses. These projectors have between 4K to 4.1K lumens.

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    Just received my Sony VPL-FHZ65 WUXGA 16:10 (1920 X1200) 6,000 lumen laser projector.

    Wow this thing is a absolute beast! I guess this is what you get for $10,000. At least that’s what Sony sold them for retail before they discontinued it last year for an slightly updated version. This projector is definitely a large venue high-end commercial entertainment/business projector.

    This thing is 20” X 18” X 7” and weighs in at a whopping 34 pounds. It’s a little large than my desktop PC cabinet and probably weighs about twice as much.

    I ended up getting it on eBay brand new unopened box with overnight shipping for $2,000. The lowest price I could find this projector selling for new (not refurbished) via the online retailers was about $7K and many sites are selling it for $8K to $9k.

    I probably won’t mount it and test it out fully until my screen arrives in a few weeks.

    If if anyone is in the market for a projector there are still a few of these on eBay listed around $2.5K and there are some of the non-laser versions of this same projector listed for around $1,700 to $2,000


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      Any update on your PJ? I have been looking for the perfect PJ and seems like HD Golf uses these exact PJs in their setups.


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        Any pics set up?


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          Also curious to know how this worked for you, Eric. I took your advice and bought an ebay B-stock 0 hours Sony FH60 projector and added the VPLL 3007 lens to create a 5000 lumen, 3lcd short throw (0.5 ratio), WUXGA projector for total of $1500 shipped. Made an offer much lower than advertised and was surprised to see it accepted. Awaiting shipment now... Might be a couple weeks. Paper specs to price can't be beat, IMHO.
          It also allows projection in a wider display range. More information can be displayed on screen, so you can see the whole page without scrolling. The slim, stylish case design features a flat top surface that blends in discreetly when the projector is ceiling mounted. | eBay!


          • Kmurray
            Kmurray commented
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            I am really interested in a set up like this but when I check the spec of the VPLL 3007 lens it seems to state that the lens is 0.6 throw ratio instead of 0.5.
            My current set up is pole mounted from roof of enclosure and is set up for 0.5 throw and fills my screen perfectly but the Sony projector is much heavier than my existing projector and do not want to extend my pole mount any further with a much heavier machine. Am I missing something here , is there a way to get 0.5 throw from the Sony/VPLL3007 Combo please....?

          • teearejay
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            No, It's actually 0.65. Typo. My mistake. You're right about the weight. Looks like the FH-60 weighs in at 28 lbs. For comparison, the popular optoma GT1080Darbee only weighs 5.5 lbs. Limited options in that 0.5 throw ratio! I looked for a long time and settled on this one. Oh, and if you're looking for a better lumens comparison, check out to see more accurate numbers for color images, not just bright white, as usually reported. Some projectors aren't on there, but you can infer how a company lists their product by looking up similar models.

          • Kmurray
            Kmurray commented
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            Thanks for your reply that helps . I still like this idea though and am currently looking at the FH60 but with the short throw fixed lens which would allow me to shorten my pole mount and bring the weight of the projector closer in to the enclosure frame at circa 1.5 meters reducing frame flex. I might have to stiffen the frame to take the additional weight but I love the 16.10 immersive feeling where it is all image and especially with tgc 2019 coming . I just need to figure out what that projector will do when it is mounted off the enclosure frame high up in relation to the screen centre.

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          I did the same, received my projector just waiting on the lens, I’m going with the Z3009 though.