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Sticky: Make your Projected IMAGE SIZE match your MONITOR resolution!

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  • Sticky: Make your Projected IMAGE SIZE match your MONITOR resolution!

    (Not sure if I made this sticky the right way or not, but this should be a sticky topic)

    Making your Projected image (resolution) match your screen size at the SAME resolution as your Monitor (even though they're different!)

    Ok, this has come up lots of times and many many people in the computing world think you cannot have different resolutions on screens that you are Duplicating.

    NOT TRUE and I've been doing it for years. I posted a while back about this but not in very good detail and I'm posting again, because it is a pain to do if you don't know how (and even if you do sometimes). There is some trial and error involved but we can edit this thread as we go along as I feel this is one the single most important and potentially frustrating things with the setup of your SIM.

    YOU MUST have an NVIDIA GPU to continue.

    Turn your projector ON.

    1) Set your screen to EXTEND mode in windows so that they are NOT duplicated.
    2) Set your screen resolutions TO BE THE SAME. For example, my monitor is set to 1920 x 1080, than so should my projector even though the picture is going over the sides and top.
    3) In the Nvidia Control Panel, make sure the same setting show. Then, go to "Adjust desktop size and position" -> then "Size" tab, make sure the projector is selected. Click "Enable desktop resizing". Click "Apply" at the bottom right. Click "Resize" and then an adjustment box should come up on the PROJECTOR SCREEN. It should start out by being the same resolution as the monitor (1920 x 1080 for me) and when done, mine, shows that I adjusted it to 1516 x 1036 (your will be different).

    When you click apply or ok and it makes this adjustment, the WINDOWS Display setting should still think you are at 1920 x 1080. If it does, then it worked correctly and you can now tell it to duplicate and it will work. By doing this, you don't lose the resolution from your system and the only thing that happens is that your image now fits on your screen with the desired resolution.

    After you do this and go back in the the Nvidia control panel, BOTH displays will show the desired resolution and not the adjusted custom resolution(This will make a custom resolution available to you, but you won't use it.) Everything will look as though you are projecting at one display, but the image will now fit.

    NOTE: You may have to mess around with it. I take notes every time I do it and sometimes it works and sometimes I have to mess with it, but I took better notes this time hoping this would be it.If you change your graphics card, you'll have to do this again.

    Hope this all makes sense and please let me know if this helps and works or not.

    If you have trouble, go back and make sure your resolution starting point on resizing was the correct 1920 x 1080 or whatever yours is. I did find that it changed sometimes to too low of a setting and I ended up with 1344 x 924 and another time 1036 x 696, which both did not work.

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    Baller - I'm with you all the way up to after changing the size in the adjustment box and clicking 'Apply'. In my case once I click 'Apply', the Windows display setting downgrades the extended desktop (projector) resolution like you said it would do if it did not work. I do have the ability to move the slider back up to 1080 on the Windows side, but it sounds like you shouldn't have to do that.

    What exactly do you mean by "mess around with it"? Are you talking about starting over with the size adjustments? Do you have to ensure that you're maintaining a 16:9 aspect ratio throughout the entire resizing process? Is it possible to go from 1080 in 16:9 to 1080 (or comparable) in 4:3? Are there additional NVIDIA control panel options?

    I will say that following this noticeably improved the resolution on my projector, but I want to make sure that I'm getting everything I can out of it.


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      It is a little glitchy, or perhaps it works in more than one way, or perhaps over the many times I have done it, I have not taken perfect notes.

      So, to recap, first make sure your screen are NOT DUPLICATED and they are only extended.
      Then, set your projector resolution to the same as your monitor.
      THEN, in the Nvidia control panel, click on your projector and adjust the size.

      Keep trying it until, when you go back to Windows, Windows Display settings thinks it is the same resolution as your monitor. If it doesn't work, try again. and if it continues to not work, then you can try changing the resolution in the Windows Display settings to the same as your monitor and it might work. I believe I had to do that once.

      If you continue to not have any luck, I will try to redo my settings and take a video, but I'd rather not if I don't have to.


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        Ya know, there is also this window which I remember messing with this time, but I don't remember in what order. So, try changing this screen when you do the size and position settings and see if that makes any difference.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	Capture.PNG Views:	0 Size:	24.2 KB ID:	238965
        You can see here, that the Projector shows 1344 x 924, but if I click the monitors, they show the better resolution and so does Windows on all.


        • EG$
          EG$ commented
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          I got mine working. The page above, prior to making the size adjustments and any other changes gives you a drop down menu where you can choose NOT to auto size or scale (can't remember). I'd go back and repeat the process but now that i have it set I don't want to mess with it!

        • pwade3
          pwade3 commented
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          So the only thing that I cannot do is set it to “Extended Mode”. I only have single mode available. I can do everything else but it does not change the the screen size.

        • Baller
          Baller commented
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          If you have more than one display, your displays are either Mirrored(Duplicated) OR they are Extended. Go to Display Settings in Windows by typing those words or right clicking on your desktop and see it in the choices when you scroll down.

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        Just so I have this correct. I have a 16:9 projector with a 16:10 (162x102) projection screen. By making the adjustments on my laptop I can adjust it to fit my 16:10 screen? Without loosing resolution?


        • Baller
          Baller commented
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          Yes. Your video card just adjusts the size of the image. When you turn your projector on, it will initially display a larger lighted area and then will reduce to the size of your screen. I just took a video of it to post, but sorry, too large. It won't post. This may or may not work if you want to see it. There is a really long pause/delay for the screen to turn on which is why it;'s so big.

          Last edited by Baller; 01-18-2020, 06:47 PM.

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        Sorry but this is not being represented correctly I don’t believe if you are saying you can “change” the resolution. There is no way say a 1920x1200 projector can be made to produce the same resolution as say a second monitor that is 4K, which is my setup for example.

        what you are doing is simply changing the size or aspect ratio NOT the actual resolution.

        for pwade3 what you need is a video processor. I actually change my Verizon Fios box 16:9 native aspect ratio to project on to my 16:10 screen using a video processor. In my case I use the HD Fury X4, an amazing piece of kit for 300 bucks.


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          Actually pwade3 sorry I take that back when I read your post I did not realize you actually said your projector is 16:9, so a video processor won’t help. It only helps if your input is less and you have a 16:10 projector. You can do what baller said and change the aspect ratio but the image will be impacted and you really have not changed the resolution I don’t believe.


          • pwade3
            pwade3 commented
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            Thanks Pittsburgh for the correction. I was already shopping for video processors until I saw this post. Lol 😂

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          Okay, after a lot of trial and error, I was finally able to do what baller has said to do. My system would not do it quite the same. Once I went into Windows display to find “extended mode” I then went into the graphics system and resized, but the issue at that point was that it would bring up the resizing window, but not on my laptop, it would show on the projection screen. I then had to go back to Windows display and change it to my laptop display. Then I was able to adjust it. Then duplicate it. I did have to try it about 4 times to make it take as baller said. Now I was originally hoping to adjust the height but since the display is maxed out at 1920 x 1080 then you can only make it smaller so I reduced the width to about 1850 and then moved my projector back about 4 inches and it filled my 16:10 screen (or very close). I have a small gap at the top but almost nothing. I can’t see any picture quality difference so I very happy as I was originally going to have my screen resized.
          At one point I had lost the ability to operate my laptop screen with the touchpad. It would show on the projection screen, but not on my laptop and I ended up having to use keyboard shortcuts to change back to “duplicate screens”. I was sweating a bit at that point as I though I had really messed things up.


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            FYI, I just updated my Nvidia driver and had to redo this. This time when I went in, it kept the same resolution in my Nvidia Controll panel, but changed it to the adjusted settings in Windows. BUT when I clicked DUPLICATE, they both went to the 1920 monitor settings.


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              And another update to this thread.... starting to think maybe a program like someone mentioned to do this might be better...Anyway, after the latest Nvidia update, I had to do ALL STEPS in the Nvidia Control Panel and nothing in the system app.