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BenQ TK850

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  • BenQ TK850

    So I bought a BenQ TK850, its a 4k projector. Question, do I need a 4k laptop to be able to display a 4k image of TGC-19 using a Foresight GC2?

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    No, you do not but you need quite a bit of horsepower to push that many pixels to the projector. When manufacturers advertise for 4K screens on laptops it does not mean it has the hardware for gaming at 4K. It only means the screen is 4k. If you are going to the laptop route for hardware make sure you get something with a dedicated graphics card probably GTX1080 or above. Make sure you do not skimp out on the CPU as well. A really fast engine without a good transmission will get you nowhere. When you connect a projector to the laptop with a graphics card (Nvidia/ATI Radeon) you will need to create a custom resolution or it may default to what the laptop screen resolution is. This would be minimum specs for decent framerates so it does not stutter. It only gets more expensive from here.


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      You'll need a laptop or PC with a minimum gpu of a GTX 1080 to push 4K pixels in TGC or E6 Connect. When you think 4K, think about $4K for projector and PC.

      That said, I love my BenQ TK850. Throw is a bit long, so beware of shadows if you can't mount the projector high (mine sits 18' back and 10' high from 16x9' screen and I hit from 12' back, and just barely don't have shadows).
      - Ron at - visit my site for instructional articles and reviews


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        Thank you to both of you! I have an i7 laptop with a 512mb ssd and 16 gb of ram, no idea on the graphics card, will check tonight. My ceiling is 11' tall and the screen I am looking to build is 14.5x8. I'm hoping shadows won't be an issue. I got an awesome deal on this light cannon and won't spend anywhere near Ron' $4k, hopefully!


        • GungHoGolf
          GungHoGolf commented
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          If you didn't spend $2500+ on your laptop new, it won't have a sufficient GPU. But still fingers crossed for you!

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        Found one with these specs: Intel Core i7 - 16GB Memory - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660Ti Max-Q - 512GB SSD

        Do you think it will work pushing tgc in a 4k signal?


        • Gawlfa
          Gawlfa commented
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          I'm not an expert, but I think you want an RTX version and not a GTX version. When looking at benchmark websites, it said it can handle 4k at 29fps, which is really bad. (Rated it one star.)
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        • Dax
          Dax commented
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          It is a bit weak. Are you sure you need a 4K image? If yes, then I suggest a 2080 super or 3070 if you can find one (I believe the 3070 will be the better card and so do not pay more for the 2080).

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        Thank you Gawlfa. What website were you looking at?


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        How about this one?:

        10th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-10750H (12MB Cache, up to 5.0 GHz, 6 cores)
        Operating System
        Windows 10 Home, 64-bit, English
        Graphics Cardi
        NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2070 8GB GDDR6 with Max-Q Design
        15.6 inch FHD(1920x1080) 300nits WVA Anti-Glare LED Backlit Display(non-touch), 144Hz refresh rate
        Hard Drive
        512GB M.2 PCIe NVMe Solid State Drive
        16GB DDR4-2933MHz, 2x8G
        Primary Battery
        4-Cell Battery, 68 Whr (Integrated)
        Killer™ Wi-Fi 6 AX1650 (2x2) 802.11ax Wireless and Bluetooth 5.1


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        Thanks to everyone for their help. I bit the bullet on this:

        Alienware - Aurora R11 Desktop - Intel Core i7 10700F - 16GB Memory - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER - 1TB HDD + 512GB SSD - Lunar Light

        Got an open box for $1100 plus tax, pretty good deal methinks


        • Dax
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          Sounds like a good deal! Congrats on the find!

        • Wizard of Coz
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          Sounds like a great deal unless it was used for mining bitcoin and it had been overworked and overheated.

        • RoMax
          RoMax commented
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          thanks guys, WOC, it still has its plastic stickers on it, my guess is its hardly used.