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New build help with projector placement

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  • New build help with projector placement

    Hello everyone, I’m attempting to build my first simulator. I just bought a Skytrak. The problem I’m having is where to mount my projector. It’s an indoor build. I wanted to mount the projector behind me which would be 15ft from the screen. It would be mounted at 10ft high, the same height as the screen. But, the farthest I could stand from the screen is 8ft. Would that cause a shadow? I was planning on buy the 10ft sport screen and worse case scenario I can just put the projector on the floor. Thanks for the help.
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    Try this link:


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      floor mount probably wont work. it needs to be 5-6 ft from screen, then add 5 ft or so for the depth of box and mat clearance . you are hitting 10-11 ft from screen. I think you are stuck with ceiling mount. you might have some shadowing , but wont really know how much til you set it up. What are the room dimensions? can you center the hitting area? do you have a projector?




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        You didn't mention screen width. Do you have the width to fill 10' high either in 4:3 or 16:9 ratio? You can build a simple model (I use Excel, make each cell a square). Draw vertical line equivalent of 10' height. Then draw horizontal across bottom (to right) to 15' (distance from screen). Then draw diagonal line (top left to bottom right) simulating projector lens to bottom of screen. Go from right (screen) bottom, back to position of ball. See where diagonal line crosses. I estimate at 8' from screen it will be at about 70" high if the usable image fills the screen the full 10' height. Regardless, you probably want the bottom of the image near the floor for putting, etc.