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Projector Guidance/Help

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  • Projector Guidance/Help

    Hey everyone,

    I have most of my simulator built, but I need some final help on deciding what projector to go with and where to place it. I have scoured Porjector Throw Calculaor, but before pulling the trigger on a projector I wanted to get some further insight from y'all.

    I have a 12' wide x 15' long x 24' hight (catherdral ceiling) room that I like to call my golffice. There are 2 large windows, so ambient light is rather high. I have blackout curtains for them, which do a prety good job at blocking out most of the light, but from what I've read I should be looking at high lumens projector.

    I have a Carl's DIY 8.5'x 11.5' enclosure and they reccoemdn an aspect ratio of 4:3.Diagnol is 164".

    Since I have catherdral ceilings I was going to go the easy route and place the projector on the floor (in an protective case) or mount it to the enclosure.

    My hitting area is 7' from the impact screen and and one to the right off center. Thankfully for my sim set up I don't konw any lefties.

    My buget is $2-3k. I don't neceasriliy care to have a 4k projector.

    The problem I keep running into is that the few short throw projectors reccomended by Porjector Throw Calculaor, but the ones in 4:3 ratio need an aditoinal short throw lens that is an ungodly amount of money ($8k). Epson G7100.

    I guess I could not use a short thorw projector and mount the projector on the wall behind my hitting area. That wall is 20' high where it would be centered with the impact screen. Sony VPL-FWZ60

    The problem I'm running into there is those proejctors are 16:9 or 16:10 aspect ratio.

    Would a 16:9 aspect ratio really be that tragic to throw into a 4:3 impact screen? I've read that having a 16:9 set to 4:3 can distort the image, but how bad could it be?

    Thanks for reading this far and let me know your thoughts. Take care and hit em hard!

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    I have an Optoma GT1090 HDR DLP short throw projector. It's great. My enclosure is 8'6 x 10'0 (very similar to yours). There are aspect ratio settings in the projector. You can set to 4:3 and it will be fine. That is how mine is set. My screen is not a perfect size for any aspect ratio so I have about 10" of blank screen at the top. You hardly notice it. This projector is under $2k. Projector Central's throw ratio settings are a bit off. I had to move my projector back several inches to fill my screen.

    Hitting 7'0 from the screen is pretty close. I am about 12'0 back. I think Carl's recommends for safety at least 10'-12'. I would move back if you can.


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      DimpledBalls72 , I had a similar issue. My room has a slanted ceiling that is about 16ft at the point where my projector needed to be placed / hung. I solved this problem with an Adjustable Projector Arm that is mounted to the back wall and extended to the perfect position. I also have bands across the top and bottom of the screen, but as Tom Howarth explained, you don't even notice it. In the evening when the room is darker, all you notice is the SkyTrak (or whatever) image on the screen. Most people will just be amazed you have a simulator in your house and never notice that your projector doesn't fill the screen 100% from corner to corner.

      In my room, there is a dormer with 3 windows that are about 24' off the floor. Since I don't want to spend the money to put blinds up there, I just bought a $350, 55" Vizio TV and hung it on the opposite wall. I have a computer running the TV and Projector, so I can watch Golf Channel on half of the screen while having the simulator image occupy the other half or one program on each screen!