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Need advice on a 16:10 or a 4:3 set up for my screen and projector

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  • Need advice on a 16:10 or a 4:3 set up for my screen and projector

    NEED ADVICE from any BenQ LK-936ST users -- I am looking at upgrading to the new BenQ LK-936ST 4k projector and also a new Impact screen -- I am limited to a 12 ft wide area and this would include the exterior dimensions of the Enclosure which includes the Frame - I want my image as tall as possible so the 16:9 aspect ratio is not an option, so it would either be a 16:10 screen or a 4:3 screen which I would prefer the 4:3 image since it projects a taller image -- My question is using a 3840x2160 image from the Golf Course software how much resolution am I going to lose when I convert this to a 16:10 image or a 4:3 image in my projector options - I don't want to pay the BIG BUCKS for the 4 k projector if I am losing too much resolution with a 16:10 or 4:30 format set up -- I really want to go with the 4x3 set up

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    Your going to lose pixel count but only because you are chopping the side off the image. It will still be a 4K projector quality image.


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      cmibobby - interesting question. I thought I also wanted a taller image.... but, once I got everything installed and measured my actual screen size (10'4" Wide x 6'7" High), and projecting an image onto that from my projector with both iPad (which is aspect ratio 4:3), and iPhone (which is aspect ratio 16:9), I quickly realized that the 16:9 fits way better. You may want to consider doing something similar.

      Here are 2 pics, one showing E6 software running on iPad (series 6), and the other Garmin Home Tee Hero software running on iPhone 7.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_7750sm.jpg
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Name:	IMG_7758sm.jpg
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      Now, I know the screens do not look good, I've still got work to do with tightening it down on the floor - underneath my turf, I will solve that next with 10' EMT pipe held down with brackets likely and the screen tucked under it, or held with bungee in the corners to tighten it.

      Also, know that the screen on the left (E6) is meant to show how much the sunlight might detract from the image, as I pulled my curtain to the side to expose a window for light into the room.

      Just to give you an idea though of the image that you lose on the left/right sides both with the left E6 image, also note, I plan to take this same /similar picture with the same E6 software running on my iPhone so that you can see the comparison of the same image iPad vs iPhone. Also note that I do have a slight keystone issue here (vertical alignment of image) as my projector is mounted about 10' in the air behind me and about 15' from the screen.

      This is a very inexpensive projector (4k, upconverted 4k), though it does offer true Dolby 5.1 Surround sound which most projectors do not (in that price range). Here is the projector I purchased from Amazon:

      Because it is a mini projector, I mounted it with this 5" mini-projector mount:

      Here is the Aux audio cable I used to run to the 5.1 surround sound bar mounted above my screen:


      Here's a more top of line Projector, though considerably more expensive:

      and another one:
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        similar question:

        My screen dimensions are 12.5w x 9.5h, when I run the calculator for my selected projector (BenQ TK700STi)

        I get throw distances of:
        4:3 15 -- 18'
        16:9 11'3" -- 13'6"
        16:10 12'6" -- 15"

        For most flexibility in aspect ratio selection, should i choose the longest throw length of the 16:9/16:10 (13'6") to get closer to 4:3 aspect ratio throw?

        My ball position will be ~10' from impact screen.

        I plan to have ceiling recessed lighting (LED cans) 2-3' in front of ball position (towards impact screen). Will lighting from overhead wash out projection image?
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