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Selling my BenQ TH671ST

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  • Selling my BenQ TH671ST

    Bought this projector back in June and have had it up and running for a couple weeks. Looking at my foresight app it’s ran for roughly 3hrs total. It’s in perfect shape and works great. I just found out I can run 4K so I’m upgrading. I bought it $770 so make me an offer. I’m in the US

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    What projector are you getting? Similar throw ratio?


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      the benq tk700 STI. When I first was setting up the sim, I wasn't planning on moving the garage door opener so I was limited in what I could get but since then I actually moved the garage opener off to one side of the garage leaving a wide open space for the throw needed for 4k


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        Did you use a kit to side Mount the garage door opener? Professionally installed? Curious cause my opener in the middle of my garage is the bane of my existence…

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        Nope! I actually bought a jack shaft garage opener and had the company come out to install. Even after all my measurements sent to them etc. when they got here, they said they couldn’t make it work in the space. So they asked me what I was trying to do and I told them. So they said what if we just move it all the way over to one side, it won’t effect the garage and it we will charge you 100 bucks. Works perfectly! Sent back the jack shaft and spent 100 bucks total. It’s been like that for about a year now and haven’t had any issues

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      This still available?


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        Yes. It is


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          Is this still available?


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            Yes and ready to sell finally