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Floor vs Ceiling and confused about offset :)

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  • Floor vs Ceiling and confused about offset :)

    Hi All

    Planning out my build and had a few questions.

    My setup

    10.5' x 8' X 5' Carls Enclosure - 151" diagonal screen
    I have decided to stick with a 4:3 screen as I wont be able to go wider for a 16:9 or 16:10 ratio.

    Cieling Height: 11'
    Launch Monitor: GC2
    My height: 6' 2"
    Tee to screen: 8-10'

    One thing I am confused about is vertical offset. Support at Carl's said that if projector is cieling mounted then it should be as high as the enclosure. So it would have to be 3' from the ceiling.
    So if a projector has a -ve vertical offset then it would have to be mounted lower than the enclosure and pointed up? Or will i be able to mount the projector higher than the enclosure? My noob self thinks that the 5ft depth would cause the picture at the top to be blocked.

    For ceiling mounted given my setup info how far behind the player can the projector go before shadows become an issue or I should to look at throw ratio where the projector would be mouted right over player? I am trying to determine what throw distance should I be looking for. I have been playing with throw distance on projector central and getting a bit overwhelmed by all the options lol.

    Also curious if there are specific pro/cons for going ceiling mounted or floor? Wiring for sure would be easier if it was on the floor.

    Any suggestions for an HD projector under 1k that would work in this setup? This will also help me determine what throw ratios to look at.

    I am looking at Optoma GT1080HDR for floor mounting or the BenQ TH671ST for cieling mount.
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