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BenQ LK936ST or BenQ LK954ST

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  • BenQ LK936ST or BenQ LK954ST

    Did anyone knows the differences?
    Benq LK936ST
    Benq LK954ST

    In Europe it is really hard to get a 936.
    I found some affordable 954.
    It would be great if someone in the forum could give me some advice.


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    Why not look at this? It just released. I did a pre-order which was supposed to ship July 7 but I received a message that it shipped yesterday.

    It appears to be the TK700STi, but with a much improved throw ratio and a laser light source.

    TK710STi Golf Simulator Projector (​​
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    • meer74
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      Thank you for the link!
      The brightness is lower with 3200 Lumen.
      And no Lens Shift.
      I want to mount the projector as high as possible - so Lens Shift is perfect.
      ​​​​​​​But the price from the LK710STi is very attractive.

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    I plan to use it in a room where I can mostly control light and at about 9.5 feet high and just behind the hitting area, so perfect for my situation. There is also a 10% off code if you take their little survey.


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      Hi there.

      I installed the 954LST the other week, and I love it...
      I actually got it on Sale or Return as I wasn't sure I wanted to spend that much on it, but after having it on for 5 minutes there was no way it was going back.

      I got it from a place called Just Projectors..
      it was an open box version, had been used for like 10 hours, but looked brand new, and was over a grand cheaper than anyone else.

      It looks like they have some other ones for sale currently...

      Regards your original question, you can check the specs of each on the BENQ website, and they are pretty much identical...


      • meer74
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        Thank you! But I am from Austria - no delivery from Just projectors to Austria.
        I found a good place to buy: