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Free "About Golf" simulator

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  • For Sale: Free "About Golf" simulator

    This is a give away.
    I purchased an About Golf simulator in 2009 in an attempt to start a business. I found it to be a very good simulator. It was installed in a Hilton Hotel in Cocoa Beach Florida, but was not successful. I have carted the core of it around since then and now ready to give it away.
    I am in Rosamond Ca, 93560, not far from Lancaster and Palmdale. An hour from LA.
    I have:
    The computer that was configured with XP
    The software includes their standard set of courses. Includes Pebble Beach and St Andrews.
    Four cameras that were the launch monitor.
    A 17 inch touch screen with wall mount. Used to control the simulator
    A Sanyo VGA projector that displays on the screen. It has hardware to hang from the ceiling.
    Four sets of low voltage lights for showing the balls when hit. Two transformers for the lights.
    The screen that you hit into to play. I don’t have the hardware to hang it, but do have the white screen that the projector displays on and you hit into.
    All the cables. All the manuals. I think, no guarantees.
    I even have a calibration target for camera setup.
    I tried to start the computer for the first time in several years. It does not display anything on the monitor or projector. It activates the CD reader several times, and after a while turns off. It waits a bit and tries again. It’s a Gigabyte motherboard.
    The hard drive was put into this computer and it looks fine.
    Shipping it will be a bit difficult. I can drive it as far as LA or maybe Nipomo Ca. If you pay the costs I will take it to a UPS store and have them ship it.
    And yes, free to someone that wants it. I will sign over the software rights from About Golf to the new owner.
    email to b1 @ mbkelly dot net
    That is a throw away address so not worried about spam. I will monitor it for a while for responses.

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    I received an email asking about space. I replied directly but here is that response.
    As you stand at the tee, about five feet in front of you, in back, and away from the screen. I don’t know about minimum to the screen. A standard garage may work, but consider that the minimum. Probably need just a mother board. But new computer would be better. Will probably also need to get with AboutGolf as to exactly how to connect all the cameras.
    Also need to check your longer clubs. Be sure you can swing them without hitting the ceiling.


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      Sent an email. I am up that way several times a month.


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        I did not get the email from trial2002. Preparing to move so after a couple of weeks I put it out at the end of the driveway with a FREE sign. Its gone now.