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Got scammed. Bought stolen Flightscope

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  • Got scammed. Bought stolen Flightscope

    On June 29th of this year, I purchased a FlightScope Xi Tour because I was desperate to get a FlightScope quickly as I had missed several fittings. After I had paid for it (wired the money, and did not do the wise thing and use a credit card), I contacted FlightScope to find out about registering the unit. After giving them the serial number, I was told the unit was on trial and was not owned by the person who sold it to me. Just alerting people to the person in case he tries to scam someone else. His name is Rob Menefee and he lives in Knoxville, TN. I have filed charges and hope to get some or all of my money back. I gave the unit I purchased to FlightScope as they are the real owners.

    I am not blaming the forum for anything; it was my eagerness (and stupidity) to do this the way I did. Be careful, people! Learn from my mistake.

  • #2 chills reading your post.....I hope you get your money back.....


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      Wow, I’m so sorry to hear that. It is sad that someone would use the forum to scam you. Most people on here are so helpful that sometimes it is easy to forget to keep your guard up. Thank you for the reminder though to use protected payment methods like PayPal whenever making purchases from an individual online. I hope you are able to get your money back.


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        Yep, that sucks. Really sorry to hear it. I would be leery of any new members selling anything on here. Not that they are all bad but I got burned by a guy who just created an account on here to sell stuff. Just be cautious if they only have a few posts.


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          Ouch! That sucks man. I know home owners insurance covers you if it was stolen from you..... doubt it covers you in this case.

          i have bought tons of stuff off forums and always have had a better experience than off eBay or craigslist.

          sorry to hear you ran into trouble. Hopefully flightscope is hooking you up with a finders fee and sell you one at a deep discount.


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            This might help preventing future Flightscope Scams: Before you buy a used Flightscope, contact Flightscope to check the unit serial number.


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              please be careful when buying expensive equipment from new forum users.

              If you don't trust it, use an escrow service: