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Best screen-to-ball-to-unit distance combo for 16 feet length

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  • Best screen-to-ball-to-unit distance combo for 16 feet length

    Just FYI - I was curious to find which of these two were more accurate so I asked Flightsoft and got a reply so just posting it here:

    a) 8 feet ball to screen 8 feet ball to mevo+
    b) 9 feet ball to screen 7 feet ball to mevo+

    They replied back with following:
    For the Mevo+ unit, 8 feet sensor to tee distance and 8 feet from ball to screen is best.
    I would have thought <a> would have been more accurate due to split second more ball flight but guess not. I'll be using 8 - 8 now.

    Just curious, anyone know why <b> would be better than <a>?

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    not sure if your <a>'s and <b>'s were mixed around in the comments below the quote - but from my experience (had m+ for 18 months in garage sim, 1 handicap and know my distances/spin numbers etc well) somewhere in between but closer to <b> works best. My set-up is approx 7'-7'4" m+ to ball, then approx 9.5 feet to screen. Short chips get picked up better when I go closer to the screen (so 8ft+ from m+). But the more ball flight the better in general. However, as ever it depnds on your set-up and what you are using it for... i don't putt with it, for example.


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      Ah yeah. a & b is definitely not mixed up. I haven't really compared a & b myself yet, I'm gonna try this weeklend.
      It was just interesting how FlightSoft said <a> is better than <b> where it has shorter ball flight and longer to unit.

      Oh, good to know that chips work better from 8 feet. I might definitely try that out also as I had some not register at 7 feet.
      (I used to be 2 handicap a long time ago, and though no where near as consistent now, still do hit the ball well..sometimes. haha)

      I do putt with mine and so far, it's working really well from 7 feet (b). It's not good enough to practice with though. Just sim rounds.
      Only had mine for couple of weeks. so yeah, will have to keep experimenting as I assume not every unit is identical also.
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        More ball flight is always better, and the Mevo+ reads fine from 7 feet behind ball (even 6 ft works in our experience). So I'd go 9 ft ball to screen and 7 ft ball to unit, and if you're a higher-speed player, tee up driver a foot further back for 10' of flight and 6' ball to unit.
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          Cheers for that tip GungHoGolf !

          I will try it out today at various distances and report back how it is with mine.