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Mevo+ stops arming

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  • Mevo+ stops arming

    Had the unit for a year or so now and starting to see an issue.

    I use it mostly to play TGC 2019. On the odd occasion in the past the unit would stop reading shots, there would be no red light on top, the unit is connected by wi-fi to the PC and the only solution I have is to reboot the Mevo+ and start over. The game can be reloaded, but usually, any guests are lost, which is very embarrassing.

    in the last week or so I am now having this issue every round.

    I am sure many of you have had this issue as I saw a few threads about it on here, but no definitive solution.

    Has anyone managed to get this fixed somehow? and ideas? any quick workarounds?

    I will contact support, but a bit concerned that I am now stuck with a unit that is already starting to fail.

    Any suggestions appreciated.

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    I don't know if you saw my thread about being unable to get a Ready status in FS Golf, but it turned out to be my phone trying to submit a registration I'd started a month or so prior so it wasn't fully connecting to Mevo+.

    Have you tried it with a different PC? Or different WiFi adapter on the same PC? Does a similar session length in FS Golf or Skills also result in intermittent disconnects?


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      Thanks for your good ideas, As a first step I have "forgot" the Mevo wifi on my phone so there is no other receiver or wifi source avail to the Mevo. So far I have gone 2 nights, about 4 rounds without any fails.
      So I'll run like this and see what happens.


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        I Have the same problem.
        When I play Tgc 2019. We played for an hour and the unit stop arm the radar.
        I have to reboot Tgc and the game are lost. The guest players are not saved.
        Any solution.