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Gc2 distance off

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  • Gc2 distance off

    I felt my gc2 distance was off, then other told me it's the "indoor" effect. So I took it out to the range just to make sure. The condition was about 85 degree and no wind.

    with my best club the 7 iron was my starting pt. Ball scatter all around the 150 flag, a few in front but most of them were 5-10ft over. Gc2 was showing distance between low of 128yd high of 142yd. Then I tried the driver, it was landing around the 250 mark and roll. Gc2 reports between lowest 199 highest 238. Then my PW was landing right in front of the 120 flag every time. But GC2 range was 108-112. I also went to ask the proshop how accurate was the marks on the range. He said is very accurate, since the university men's team practices here.

    so it seems my gc2 is off indoor and outdoor about 25 yds on the driver, 10-15yd off on the 7 iron and 10 yds off the PW. I have tried putting the gc2 1-2 inch above th ground. I tried with no protective case. I tried have it lower than the hitting surface. It all seems to give me lower numbers.

    Is lighting or my hitting mat causing the issue? Or I assume I can't place the wrong to far or too close, since gc2 won't give me the green light unless is on the good spot.

    and suggestions?

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    Perhaps you are at a high elevation? My 7 carries close to 10 yards farther. At the Shaw charity classic in Calgary. Some of the seniors are driving the ball 315. Ball flies far here. Mark O'meara drove the ball 315 as a 60 year old yesterday with no elevation and no wind. Canyon meadows golf club is pretty flat.
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      I'm at 200 ft above sea level


      • keither5150
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        Well, there goes that theory.

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      Carry vs roll out?


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        If you have an older gc2, you could try running the tilt calibration program.


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          Can someone email me the tilt calibration program?


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            PM Mthunt...... he will send it to you. I thought for sure it was elevation....... I just watched Jimenez hit his driver 340. Calgary is 3600 feet or so.


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              Downtown Calgary is at about 3600 feet I believe, but where they are playing is even a bit higher. On average the elevation in Calgary adds about 7% more distance than sea level.


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                Try with TrackMan if possible. In outside TrackMan will tell you the carry distance.


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                  I seem to have similar problems with my GC2. I haven't worried about it too much, but most clubs seem to be about 10 yards off. I'm kind of guessing as whenever I go play on the course my 7i-pw flies about 10 yards further than I would expect based on the GC2 yardages... shrug


                  • inorkuo
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                    What's your elevation? Are you comparing your real life yardage against tgc or something else?

                  • Joko
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                    My elevation is 910'. My comparison isn't very scientific, so I'm not certain that it's actually off, but if I hit an 8i on a course it seems to fly 10 yards longer, or near that, some of that is probably roll.

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                  I just boosted my irons 3% and took a touch off wedges and it’s seems spot on now.


                  • FishMan83
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                    How did you perform a boost on your irons? All of mine seem about 10 yard short also.

                  • mthunt
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                    He has a GC2. With the GC2 you add boost in GSX under the ProTee tab.

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                  Not GC2 specific but I have a Trackman 4 and recently installed a CCE mat. But when hit solid I get like 10yds more. I don’t know if that’s my true potential or turf giving me forgiveness.


                  • Miura Mario
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                    Matt doesn't add issues to driver swings - only balls struck off of matt (irons,wedges,woods off deck)

                  • LEO MODE
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                    Meant to write here sorry...
                    Please see my comment below in the next thread.

                  • LEO MODE
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                    So I did compare with 7 iron. Everything looks very similar except that the range balls had lower spin (by 1000rpm) and lower launch angle (by 4-5 degrees) (and thus indoor had 5-8yds more distance since launch angle contributed more than spin). Although samples are not large and I'm not a scratch golfer, I do feel that CCE stats is actually very close or accurate to real life if I were to hit outdoor with a premium ball.

                    Overall I think CCE is good then!

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                  Miura Mario is correct actually haha. Because these are my driver shots which involved no mat whatsoever hahaha.

                  I did hit some 7 iron shots so I should compare those. Let me see if I have some similar samples.


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                    Albanyfx Did the tilt calibration program help, or were you ever able to find a solution? My RL numbers are extremely similar to what you wrote in your OP and I'm having the same GC2 issue...