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List Foresight Software/Firmware Issues Here - This Post Monitored by Foresight Rep

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  • List Foresight Software/Firmware Issues Here - This Post Monitored by Foresight Rep

    Hey guys.... I just wanted to let everyone know that reads/follows this thread... I called and spoke with a contact I have at Foresight and explained to him the general feeling of lack of care of customer feedback by Foresight. I am certainly making zero claims that all our voices will suddenly be heard and that every problem we have outlined in this thread will be immediately addressed but I can tell you that my contact is aware and following this thread and I have been told that it will continue to be monitored from this point forward by him.
    His one request is that when listing issues with FSX 2018 (or other supported Foresight software versions) that you be as specific as possible when describing your issue/bug/request for future development. The more specific you get the more likely they will be able to address it.
    Again, I am making zero claims about what will actually happen with the information that hits this thread BUT I will promise all of you I will continue to draw my contacts attention to the thread when I see new posts.
    I hope this helps the GSF community begin to create a better working relationship with Foresight and I will certainly do whatever I can to continue to facilitate it in the future!

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    All the issues listed in this thread is the reason I will never buy another product from Foresight Sports. Good hardware, poor software, ridiculous pricing model throughout their product line .
    Foresight do not fix bugs, which is unforgivable when the software costs 3k in GBP.
    Read back this thread and how many bugs /issues have actually been fixed...?
    The emergence of other monitors with ball/club data over the last few months simply make Foresight look like opportunistic dinosaurs.....


    • Baller
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      What other monitors have emerged?

      Foresight and Trackman seem the only two choices for me and FS works better for my needs.

    • shellman19
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      Kmurray I too am interested in what specifically you were referring to when you stated, "The emergence of other monitors with ball/club data over the last few months"? Thanks for expanding.

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    Uneekor and GSA Vistrak , there are a number of threads on this forum discussing these products which are either available or are available for pre order....


    • Kmurray
      Kmurray commented
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      Shellman , I believe you were the original OP of this thread with regard to improving the relationship between users and the paid representative of the manufacturer .

      I admire your desire to improve the relationship between the parties , but I when look at the actual action from Foresight to fix fundamental problems that have been highlighted in this thread, that your contact promised to monitor and unfortunately , it looks to me like zero has been fixed relevant to the issues raised throughout your own thread.
      There are serious issues with how the FSX2018 software actually performs with regard to how their promotional claims displayed via web info throughout global market places are portrayed.
      I have attempted to discuss this with the EU Arm of Foresight Sports, because of where I am based in GB, and unfortunately they merely stall and say that they are in the hands of the USA management team.
      Serious aspects of the FSX software simply does not work and the motivation of Foresight to fix the issues appears low.
      My previous post regarding emerging launch monitor manufacturers should be taken in the context of evaluating manufacturers that are keen to improve and engage with consumers as opposed to simply attempting to gouge existing customers with ridiculous promotions such as the Pebble Beach/ Old Course Packages whilst ignoring issues from existing customers.
      Uneekor and GSA are very present on this site and respond very quickly to any queries raised and endeavour to fix issues in a fast manner.

      I have yet to see Foresight Sports fix a single issue raised in this thread ,and any actual engagement from that organisation.

      I like the hardware that Foresight provide , I have GC2 and HMT and FSX 2018 , I previously had Skytrak ....their responses to any issues were far superior to anything that Foresight do at a much magnified price point .... unfortunately Foresight sports attitude is the polar opposite

      Foresight have a lot to learn if they desire to remain current in this marketplace.

    • Stingreye
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      Kmurry I have 3 different sim software packages, all of them to me seem to have things that are “unfinished”. Curious what software package you feel is the most polished out there?

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    I feel there is a large difference between "unfinished" and inoperative . What is important to me is how either the "unfinished" or inoperative is addressed by the organisation that manufactures that product.

    We see plenty engagement and action from Skytrak, Uneekor, GSA,and Protee, R-motion when it comes to fixing issues but absolutely zero from Foresight

    Foresight FSX is not a cheap software suite and aspects of it simply does not work as per their own advertising blurb.

    My opinion on which software package is the most polished is unimportant because like everything in life , opinions are simply opinions and very subjective.

    What is important to me is how problems are dealt with particularly with organisations that charge very highly for their products.