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FSX20 Crashing during course launch play

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  • FSX20 Crashing during course launch play

    I have just upgraded to FSX20, and have had nothing but issues. I have worked with Foresight's support and they have tried to assist as best they can, but we are not getting very far. The symptoms are simply anytime I launch into a game (course) I get anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes before the whole system crashes. I am unable to recreate this behavior with any other software / setups, including some games. I have upgraded the GPU (1060, I know its a bit dated but on the recommended list) and 16GB of Ram (from 8GB); All other components are within spec. I also just completed full reformat of the computer and clean install of FSX, but the behavior remains. Anyone have any ideas? I am open to any and all suggestions. Thanks all!

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    I went through that yesterday. Started the program and it crashed. Star the program and it crashed. Restart the computer, start the program and it crashed.

    My "C" drive was full, ran a disk clean up and it worked fine today.


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      Experiencing very similar issues here, FSX will freeze within a few minutes to an hour of use. Been running the software for years without issue, seems to be something to do with a recent update. Unfortunately they don't provide downloads for previous versions so there's no way to test this.

      Foresight support recommended upgrading our graphics card, which feels like a very excessive solution (currently using GTX 1060).

      We've tried updating graphics drivers and GCQuad firmware to no avail. The hard drive has plenty of space. Out of ideas, other than waiting for a patch.


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        This happened to me 6 or so months ago. I tried to play a round and it crashed on hole #2. I only use FSX range at this point don't even bother with the courses.


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          Hey all, I got mine figured out as it was the power supply. Anytime the graphics got too intense it crashed immediately. I used a tool from to do some independent testing on the different components that allowed me to duplicate the behavior. I hope that this helps and you can get the systems up and running.