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FSX 2020 vs original FSX

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  • FSX 2020 vs original FSX

    Every few months I consider upgrading from FSX to FSX 2020 but keep putting it off. Not knowing what the benefits/upgrades are, it seems I'm getting everything I need from FSX. 99% of the time I'm just using the range for practice/game improvement. Not playing much sim golf. That may change but that is all that time allows right now.
    Interested in getting others input on the benefits of FSX 2020 over FSX or if there are any key features in 2020 that might help make the decision.

    Thanks all.

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    To me, the best benefit of FSX 2020 is getting FSX Pro for free - which is a far better/more modern practice range/tool than 2020. FSX Pro is very similar to TrackMan's practice range software.
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    • Wizard of Coz
      Wizard of Coz commented
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      What makes fsx pro the best benefit? I used it for a minute but prefer to use fsx2020 range with camera work.
      Maybe I didn't fiddle with fsx pro enough and am missing something???

    • GungHoGolf
      GungHoGolf commented
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      I vastly prefer the UI of FSX Pro - just more intuitive and clean. It doesn't yet have swing camera integration, but expect it will soon. We use Swing Catalyst for that so don't miss it.

    • wbond
      wbond commented
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      Wizard of Coz the reports and data are cleaner, but the lack of video sucks. I go back and forth between the two depending if I want to see video or not.

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    I just recently upgraded to FSX2020 as part of a repair and have found it to be significantly better than the original FSX. Not sure I’d pay $1,000 for it by its self, but so far I’ve been pleasantly surprised by it. One thing I did find out after just purchasing it was that they’re working on a new release. Can’t find anything from them or on this forum (unless I missed it), but rumors are early next year with significantly better graphics. So you might want to ask foresight about that before upgrading.

    Specific things I liked better off the top of my head, , more options for the ball camera, dual monitor support, better graphics, the courses seem a little more playable, skills challenges, 6ft chipping game…It also came with Fairgrounds, which I haven’t gotten to work yet. I suspect those will be fun for my kids for about 10 minutes and they’ll move on, but who knows. Hope that helps some. Good luck!


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      Thanks for the input. It is helpful. Didn't consider the added benefit of FSX Pro for range use? I thought I had that already with my FSX license. I do have some version for mobile use but I guess it's not FSX Pro? Dual monitor support is good. If they do come out with a new release, hopefully it's a free upgrade for FSX 2020 users. I will inquire. I'm also fighting the urge to upgrade from my GC2/HMT to Quad. The simplified mobility of quad and the larger hitting area are tempting me again as they do every few months.


      • wzjy47
        wzjy47 commented
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        I believe you have to have FSX 2018 or 2020 to get FSX Pro. FSX Pro is different than the mobile app. The little I've found about the upcoming upgrade, all online and speculation for the most part, not very many folks think it will be a free upgrade.