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Foresight being sold?

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  • Foresight being sold?

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    Interesting. And impossible to know whether this is a good thing or a bad thing.


    • bubbtubbs
      bubbtubbs commented
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      Hard to imagine their business model getting worse, though I suppose it's technically possible.

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    Vista Outdoors is the parent company of Bushnell Golf… so it seems this Bushnell Launch Pro / Foresight GC3 partnership is a little more than just for one product launch.

    Reading the Bloomberg article, Vista seems set on bringing launch monitors to the masses to grow the sport. Now what this means in terms of what they will be offering under each brand to achieve this remains to be seen.

    exciting times in the sim/launch monitor space


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      My concern is I just started using the GC2 and wonder how much longer its lifespan is. Also thinking about purchasing E6 for it since TGC is a pain to get working with the GC2 but now I wonder if I am going down a money pit that I need to stay away from for now.


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        I've seen people on youtube using theirs for 6 years now. The flash might go, some other issues might happen but the thing seems pretty solid to me. Mine stays put, doesn't move so hopefully that helps with longevity. There are people out there that can fix them apparently if you have an issue. I get you, I just bought a brand new GC2 in april. Bottom line for me, I get 4 or 5 years out of a new motorcross bike at 10k. If I get 6 years out of my gc2 I'll be happy, by that time the price and performance of LM upgrading will be fine.

        I get TGC to work fine what kind of issues are you running into? I had to figure out my computer to pick up the bluetooth signal which was kind of a pain in the ass but other than that it works good. I agree having something designed to work with 3rd party software would be awesome. really curious to see how this gc3 and stuff plays out. either way I'm playing sim golf and loving it.


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          Considering how good Bushnell and generally, most Vista products are supported and marketed, I see this is a really good thing for all current owners of Foresight products. Vista has their act together (aside from some Covid-related supply issues) and Foresight has basically been downhill since their launch of the GC Quad. I feel like they bit off way more than they could chew when they tried to co-release GC Hawk and GC Quad at the same time, and then piled it on with the Kit.

          It will be interesting to see how with greater support and suppliers, Foresight can help deliver on new products to be competitive in the market again (against Uneekor)


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            Well that’s great news for the owner of foresight…474 million dang. Hopefully Vista will bring in some new people and change up foresight’s crappy business model to the home consumer..


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              Should be interesting to watch this play out. Could really bring things down stream if they want volume and market penetration or it may not have a huge impact if someone thought “here’s a niche product with some profit margin let’s buy them out”.

              Are any other “premium” launch monitor producers owned by companies with deep pockets? My interest lies in how much margin needs to be made and how much these things truly cost to make as a big company has more flexibility than a small one that needs to charge top dollar to pay the staff and corporate overhead then produce some return.


              • SkeetShooter
                SkeetShooter commented
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                Not exactly an answer to your question, but I do know of one niche investment firms that specialize in certain market areas and one of them that I was researching not too long ago has/had a large investment stake in FullSwing... So its not always the large conglomerates that own the products, but in some cases, you see private equity firms getting in the game by pooling their clients cash to generate income from the sales and service models.