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GC2 Issues

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  • GC2 Issues

    Sorry, but I have tried to find the answer to this all over the place and either missed it or its not been asked.

    I have been trying to get the GC2 to work with TGC. Have everything working except the unit's red light keeps blinking red and tries to find the ball but the green light never comes on allowing me to hit the ball and it register on the game. Does anyone know what the issue is? I figured it is a Bluetooth problem but I have both the incoming and outgoing working with GSX so not sure what else the problem could be. Using the Asus BT500 bluetooth USB adapter and its only about 5-6 feet away from the GC2.

    Frankly, it makes little sense to pay this much for a sim system and have to go through a bunch of workarounds to play a game so I may be leaning to going with E6 but even at that I am not sure how solid the software is with the GC2 (does it require a workaround with Bluetooth to work or can I simply plug the GC2 USB and start playing the game with little issues).

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    I had issues with that adapter being that far away. I didn't think proximity would be an issue but it absolutely is. Got a usb extension cable at best buy, 10' and my gc2 now sits directly in front of the bluetooth dongle. I couldn't get it to register shots until I did this. Mine did the same thing, showed it was connected but wouldn't register, put the gc2 in front of the computer and it registered a putt, it was the proximity, even 5' away was too far with that dongle for me.

    The GC2 is registering shots without being connected to anything correct? Do you have FSX?

    In the meantime there is another interface you can use to connect the gc2 to tgc using your regular usb cord, this is what I used until I figure out my bluetooth issues. Stick with it you'll get it figured out. Here's a link to it.
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    • John6577
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      I do have FSX2020. Bought a USB extender and have the Bluetooth right beside the GC2. FSX recognizes the BT GC2 unit but will not connect it. So, I have to think it’s the same issue I have having getting it to work with TGC but I am at a loss on what the fix is. Feel like I have tried everything. I was able to connect my iPhone to my PC via BT so I do not think it’s the issue a d it has the latest drivers and all like everything else on my PC including the GC2.

    • midpoint221
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      Does you phone see the gc2 sending out a bluetooth signal? That link I put in my reply is for another interface that replaces GSX you can use usb to connect the gc2 to the protee interface and not even have to worry about bluetooth and at least be able to play while you troubleshoot your bluetooth issue.

      I chased a bluetooth problem for a while. Ended up having to tell my bluetooth dongle what port to use, com port 3. it showed nothing, once I changed it to com3 then tried to reconnect it recognized both com ports and connected right away.

      read this thread it's very helpful

    • John6577
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      I was able to get the GC2 to work fine again via USB on FSX (turned everything off, unplugged the USB from both the GC2 & PC, and then turned it all back on in the morning). Decided to give up on BT for now and installed this interface and it finally worked with the TGC. Thank you for the suggestion and to the person who created this interface because it is a wonderful alternative. I will not be using my GC2 outside or anything so I really have no use for BT. Now, I am waiting on Foresight to send me a demo key code for E6 to see what I think of it and then will decide if I want to pay more for it or just get the TGC19 upgrade. Do not know if E6 will work with USB automatically on the GC2 or if I have to use a workaround fix as well. If I do not need to use a workaround, for E6 it may be the deciding factor but the hefty cost vs paying the $600 TGC19 upgrade is something I would have to put some thought into.

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    this is for the quad but still may be helpful.


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      It is a pain to get software installed and connections established, but once you do my experience is it is very reliable.

      Discord channels are another great place for help from other users... foresight (


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        If the gc2 isn't finding the ball then that sounds like agc2 problem. ???


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          Can you take a picture of the unit on and ball in position.

          it does indeed sound as if the unit isn’t detecting the ball, and this has nothing to do with Bluetooth or TGC, but rather the unit itself.