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FSX 2020 Freezes and No Video from Computer

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  • FSX 2020 Freezes and No Video from Computer

    I'm not sure if I've got a computer issue or Foresight issue and was wondering if anybody has had a similar problem or has any suggestions on how to fix it...I installed FSX 2020 onto my computer a couple weeks ago and was using it with a GC2 without any issues. Yesterday, FSX started freezing up, computer was completely unresponsive. Had to restart it by cutting the power. After doing this several times, I just got a blank screen. Computer appears to be getting power (fans turn on and it lights up), but there's no video at all. Skipping over the computer trouble shooting listing below, I got a different computer and installed FSX 2020. Got it all setup, connected a GCQuad (just got it a couple days ago) turned by back and all of a sudden, no picture on any of the 3 screens (2 monitors and projector). Same issue when I tried to restart it, appears to be getting power, but no video output...We've got multiple devices on the newtwork, 2 windows laptops and 1 mac, that I know were used today without any issues. With the second computer, it seemed to crash within a few minutes of connecting the GCQuad via USB C, so I don't know if the drivers could be causing a problem?

    Here are the trouble shooting steps I took thinking it might be a computer issue on computer #1:

    -Hard Reset - Disconnected Power Supply and rebooted, still no video.
    -Swapped out GPU from a 3rd computer, no luck.
    -Uninstalled GPU and connected a monitor directly to the motherboard, still no video.
    -Re-Installed RAM
    -Re-Installed GPU
    -Removed battery from Motherboard to reset something (I think it was CMOS?)
    -Removed harddrive and was able to see all the files via a SATA to USB adapter.

    The only things I can think to do next are:

    -Connect the harddrives to another computer via the SATA adapter and delete all the FSX files from the hard drive and see if it will boot up.
    -Install a new harddrive.

    I've used this computer for about a year with a GC2 and FR1, TGC 2019 without any issues and computer #2 before that for over a year

    Any advice would be appreciated!
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    I am by no means a tech guy so this may be a dumb thought but........ could you have a widows update going on in the background ?


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      I don't think that's a dumb thought at all and something I've considered...We've currently got 3 other windows based computers running in the house and the only two I've had issues with are the two I've tried to load FSX2020 on, so I have not spent much time on this...Maybe the update running at the same time as FSX caused an issue? I've been working through the hardware components at the moment and everything's checked out...Thanks for the input!


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        Try booting your computer in SAFE MODE. If your computer boots in SAFE MODE while using the basic system drivers, you know it has something to do with software drivers that were loaded.

        If it boots in SAFE MODE, I would rebuild Windows from scratch, creating a rescue usb disk first after installing all windows updates and then would create restore points after I install each piece of software that works.

        Good LUck


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          Unfortunately, I'm not getting any video from the computer, so I'm either not getting to the screen that provides the option to boot into safe mode or when I push the F8 or whichever button it takes me there, but still no video signal.