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Value of the Foresight GC3

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  • Value of the Foresight GC3

    Ok, I know I am probably opening up a can of worms with this one and most of what is said is likely to be opinion.

    I would like some respectful feedback on the short-term (1 to 2 years) and long term (4 to 5+ years) value the Foresight GC3 will have. The potential resell value down the road may help me decide what is right for my setup since I will feel like I'm hedging my bets a bit.

    I am looking to build my first simulator and prefer the idea of a high accuracy setup to really work on detail shot practice, swing/shot analysis, as well as some simulation play. I am concerned something like the Mevo+ will not be accurate enough in my short setup within a 2-car garage (or honestly any indoor setup).

    Thoughts? Thanks ahead of time for your opinions on this.

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    I would bet the value will be similar at both the two-year and five-year mark. Much like the GCQuad, I think you would get around 70% of the retail price with a private party sale. If you are willing to spend the cash Foresight is the standard for accuracy. If you do not want to play with friends and just want to practice and tune your game and you want the most accurate LM possible then get a GC3 or a GCQuad. I couldn't stomach the price of the Quad and being locked into proprietary software was a deal-breaker for me. I went with an EYEXO and sometimes I daydream about bringing an LM to the range...


    • leftyboy
      leftyboy commented
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      Thanks so much for your feedback. I can see myself playing with friends but most likely it would be be local sharing my setup because they won't have their own. Thanks for sharing your setup and experience with that as well. EYEXO seems like a cool piece of tech.

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    How long would your garage be from mevo unit to the net? (assuming the net will be at least a foot off the wall, and also the mevo+ unit being few inches from the wall) If that is well over 15 feet, and if you'll have no metal wall / garage door right behind the net, then Mevo+ will be perfectly fine if budget is of major concern. Mevo+ accuracy is good enough indoors to make you a better player no matter what unless you are tour pro level already. (but if so, even GC3 is not good enough anyways) I use my mevo every single day in my garage (total 17 feet long from net to mevo+) and have no issues from wedge to driver. (my 3 wood ball speed is 160mph) It completely changed my long game after just 6 weeks of ownership. (and tbh, it is NOT due to knowing my "club & ball data" but more due to its addictiveness to make me hit hundreds of balls every day (this is key), while just knowing each shot's shape and distance/dispersion.)

    As for GC3 (outright of $7k), I think it's a fine unit. For 5k more than Mevo+, you will get a more versatile LM that can be used in tighter spaces length wise that cannot cater a radar unit, along with FSX Play which looks to be quite a nice piece of software, and comes with at least 10 bundled courses. Personally, I'm reserved due to its uncertainty in TGC 2019 support right now. But yeah, my next indoor simulation upgrade from Mevo+ would be the EYEXO most likely. and I'll be keeping the Mevo+ for outdoor use and as backup.

    I think GC3 will hold its value well for at least next few years. After 5 years? Who knows. Uneekor is said to be working on a portable unit, and seems there are also others in the works as well and I expect them to all come out within the next 2-3 years. But yeah, GC3 is using proven tech from a proven brand so I assume it'll still hold its value well.


    • Jnc10
      Jnc10 commented
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      The Mevo+ is very good for the price but it cannot really compete with the camera based system indoors. It depends on how accurate you really want to be. Mid- high handicappers may not notice a difference, single handicappers will.

      As far as sim putting being overrated I disagree. I have become a much better putter outdoors since I bought my sim 13 months ago. Data such as push/pull and degrees offline are valuable to gte your stroke to as close to zero degrees as possible. Th only ones who think sim putting is overrated are those that cannot putt accurately with the LM they own.

    • aussiebenny
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      Jnc10 - I agree on putting now also. Just the repetition alone of putting in the sim will make you putt better outside due to constant muscle memory of making a putting stroke. Oh, and I also just got my Mevo+ to accurately work with my putting today. (at least distance wise for now, as my current mat setup isn't flat/smooth enough for directional control) I'll be posting about it soon with a video also. So I now also agree that it's pretty cool. I better upgrade my putting surface to use with the Mevo+ asap!

    • GungHoGolf
      GungHoGolf commented
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      The Mevo+ is pretty accurate with spin axis and ball curvature indoors - sometimes misses a little on magnitude of curve, but rarely misses the direction. Far better than the R10. And will soon get even more accurate with their coming Fusion Tracking feature.