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Start line issues

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  • Start line issues

    I’ve had my GC3 for a couple weeks now and I can’t get the line on the screen shifted over. I change the numbers in the room config tool but nothing changes on the screen. Any ideas?


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    Are you logging as an administrator for it to save the changes?


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      Yeah I did


      • Scottygolf
        Scottygolf commented
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        and you restarted the computer?

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      So do I need to set the numbers…save them…then restart for the changes to take effect?
      Maybe that was the problem. I did not restart the computer after I made the changes. I saved them. Closed the room config and then opened FSX.


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        I was told that you had to reboot for it take into effect - give that a try or ping foresight. It should be easier than this that is for sure.


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          I appreciate the help!


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            Does anyone know how to pull up the Simulator Calibration tool without having to reinstall FSX again?


            • six7red
              six7red commented
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              Search "roomconfig" from your desktop and it should pull up the Room Configuration Tool. Make sure the inputs are same for the GC2, GC3, and GCQuad. I was having an issue where the numbers weren't updating after inputting them in the GC3/Launch Pro dropdown and a Foresight Rep told me that the software was pulling the numbers from the GCQuad settings even though I am using a Launch Pro and not a Quad.

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            I think there is a bug in the latest version of FSX and the Room Config tool. My hitting location is offset from center and the latest version reset it. In order to get it back offset, I had to use much larger values than reality in the "DX" box in order to get it back to where I needed it. You do not need to restart, but you need to shut down FSX, open room config tool in admin mode, save, re open fsx, check, and tweak from there until you get it where you want..


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              Appreciate the info. Not sure why FS could not add the config tool to FSX making it easier to adjust on the fly instead of all the steps that are currently needed plus just trying locate the dang thing in your PC files.


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                Having a hard time getting the shit tracer to start where the ball hits on the screen. It’s always 6 in leftvwether it’s a push or pull. Any ideas??