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FSX Play - Bug Tracking Thread

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  • FSX Play - Bug Tracking Thread

    Hi All,,

    Please use this thread to track all known bugs and issues. Please try to give as much detail as possible.

    First few I’ve noticed:

    Paris Range

    - Ball flight not reflecting LM numbers. Eg LM says 175 carry. FSX play shows ball landing circa 165, rolling out to 174. Figures on FSX play screen say 175 carry, 174 total (i.e. so ball should be spinning back, but its clearly rolling out 10 yards or so)

    - Descent angles in the analysis table are totally wrong on screen. Regularly getting 0 degrees, or 358.5 degrees.

    On course

    - Number of short chips stopping dead on first bounce, where first bounce is short of green, on fringe or even on the green

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    Can’t believe they sent you a 3060ti? Have you checked with any other video game to see how it uses resources? You might want to take the case off or get an extra fan in there.. fsx play isn’t that graphics intensive of a program though compared to the latest games…


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      I know, I was pretty surprised too. Its a PNY card, so its not great, but still. I havent tried other games, but I have benchmarked it with UserBenchmark and had no issues and a pretty limited temp spike. I have considered cooling options, but im concerned that if the card is constantly running at 95% load the only efficient path would be to watercool it and that would require rebuilding this pre-built machine. I have come to the same conclusion about what the graphics load should be, it seems more like an optimization problem.