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Serial numbers on GC2 and age of the unit.

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  • Serial numbers on GC2 and age of the unit.


    I'm actively searching for a GC2 + HMT in Europe, possibly even a quad. One of my challenges is understanding the age of these units based on their serial numbers. Serials like 14xx, 15xx, or A66 often come up, but I'm struggling to decipher whether they indicate a newer or older model. Is there a standardized reference chart available for this? I'm considering reaching out to Foresight for clarity on specific serial numbers. Recently, I came across an eBay listing for a unit with serial A7753, but I'm at a loss on how to determine its age. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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    The higher the number, the more recent the manufacture date. I have never seen a GC2 with a serial number of 15XXX. Highest I have seen is 14XXX, so that means less than 15,000 were manufactured. I believe (but not sure) the first GC2 was manufactured in 2012. They stopped I think a few months before the GC3 was released (was that 2021?). But I think Foresight was really not producing many of them though for the last few years because they always had CPOs ready for sale on their website.

    I am not the original owner of my GC2, but I believe -- but not positive - mine was manufactured in 2018 and it is a 10XXX number.

    So to directly answer your question, no, I do not believe you can take a number and figure out exactly what year it was made. All one can do is approximate.

    For the HMT, less than 3000 were made. I never have seen a serial number over 2900, much less 3000. Mine is 25XX and was purchased new in 2021. So it was either made in 2021 or late 2020 most likely. I cannot recall when the HMTs first came out, but it was definitely after the GC2 was released.


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      Thank you for the insights on the GC2 and HMT serial numbers. It's helpful to understand the general manufacturing sequence. Your personal experience with your units provides a valuable reference. I'll consider reaching out to Foresight for more clarity. Appreciate your time and knowledge.
      In case I don't find a seller in Europe I might look for a unit in the US. The hefty customs fee makes it slightly less appealing though.


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        Does the age of the unit (lower number) really mean anything ? With most of the working parts being strictly pass/fail components. Does age really matter ?


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          The general manufacturing years starting with 3 are around 2010
          The general manufacturing year starting with 5 is around 2015
          The general manufacturing year starting with 8 is around 2017
          The general manufacturing year starting with 10 is around 2019
          At present, the longest number of GC2 starts with 10, and there is no device after 20.
          The cumulative sales volume should be around 15,000 units.​